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Community Survey Proposal (Lou)

Lou would like to propose that the Committee use some of the funding that is available for a deep dive community survey. A major concern that has been raised over the past years of the SWP is that only a small portion of area residents are reached. Lou is proposing a door to door survey of all 15,000 community members in the seven Southwest Partnership neighborhoods.


This coincides with Lou’s current job with the Leadership Foundation, who have experience in doing these types of surveys.


Lou is not thinking about the survey in terms of a set of questions–wants it to be more inclusive. Wants to work with Nicole King and others doing listening and storytelling projects in the SWP neighborhoods, as well as professors at Morgan who has been doing research in Franklin Square, as well other academics doing work in the area. Lou wants to create a survey that includes whoever we’re talking to in the narrative of the Southwest Partnership. He believes that every committee that is part of the SWP would benefit from the survey.


The proposal is that the survey be done with volunteers from the faith community from within the City as well as the county. In terms of costs would be looking at bottles of water and lunch for volunteers, administrative costs for printing and copying, would propose that this fiscal year be spent in the planning and creating the survey, and then would begin the survey next July.

Overall cost would be $12,000 with $3,000 this fiscal year.


Bill would like to ensure that there is a connection to community groups and organizations and would like to work with Lou on it.


We have $7000 in program expenses–staff would like to retain a few thousand dollars of that to be spent over the course of the year for needs of program participants as they come up,


Ivan asked what Lou would like to see out of the survey–Lou would like to see a deeper relationship with residents of the even SWP neighborhoods, more engaged residents, and more people involved in initiatives in the community.


Lisa: concerned about having outside volunteers come into the community and expect to have honest conversations with community members. Also concerned about training for volunteers and ensuring they have the capacity to do the survey in an effective way. Would there be money to train community members to be surveyors and then pay them to be surveyors.


Scott: in 2010 Franklin Square neighborhood association walked around knocking on doors–would propose bringing in a community organizer how to go about the survey (BUILD or another community organizing organization) could provide expertise and support.


Next steps: The Committee would like to continue to explore the idea. Lou will put together a written proposal that the Committee will be able to approve and continue to connect informally with Committee chairs and presidents of the neighborhood associations.


The Committee discussed how to engage the board and the SWP.


Case Management Rubric

The Committee approved the draft case management rubric.



Received 16 proposals–will be forwarding to the review committee on Friday along with a google form and a summary spreadsheet.


Diana would like to provide computers to students at the South Baltimore Learning Center’s GED program. We will determine what the need actually is and what resources we have that can meet them.