Dan Rodenburg

Catherine Neely

Scott Kashnow

Robert Meyer

Patty Hogan

Bif Browning

Project Updates

Clean Block Competition: social media clean block competition has been completed, question whether we should continue the conversation in the fall–will do it, will push forward to encourage sign ups and will begin October 12th.


Project Zero Waste: City is working to increase recycling. There is a political question about whether the incinerator should continue–consultants that the city has hired feel that there should be more money spent on education and organizing communities and increase taxes on businesses and work with larger commercial entities to encourage recycling. Also want to see expanded composting and recycling. Dan is not sure there is real will from the city to engage with the recommendations.


W Baltimore Streetscaping: held this Friday at 1pm on W Baltimore St–socially distanced walk of W Baltimore St who will determine streetscaping needs


Request for the Committee to organize clean ups along W Baltimore St in lead up to contract with Clean and Green who will take on cleaning. Should integrate tree plantings, storm drain stenciling etc as well to encourage volunteers. Suggestion adopting W Baltimore St blocks in Clean Block Competition 


Committee is ok with the SWP becoming the community partner for the Pigtown Horseshoe Pit–providing any operational or grant writing support.


DBFA is working on the walk/bike to school day event, also interested in supporting crosswalk art and putting in decorative crosswalks–will do a week long event