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Sonia Eaddy

Malachi Mills House 

Courtney Hobson, a local researcher, did some preliminary research for us which demonstrates that Malachi Mills was a white man, and there’s no real evidence connecting him with Black Mills’ who live in the area.


Courtney has submitted a proposal for her work–research and interpretation and community engagement. The cost would be approximately $10,000 and we would need to raise funding through grants to support this. The Committee reviewed the proposal and approved raising money to support it.


Prioritizing Black History

With the knowledge that Malachi Mills was a white man, we need to be intentional about telling the real Black history of the neighborhood. There are a number of possible stories–enslaved people at Carroll plantation, Sarah Ann St house, could create a website that would host these stories.

Ms Sonia would be interested in doing work in each of the seven neighborhoods on the histories and experiences of Black people in each neighborhood.


Elizabeth will look into finding folks who can help us put this together.



  1. CHAP Updates: a lot of positive activity on W Baltimore St, tax credit applications have come through
    1. 1104 W Baltimore St storefront will be improved
  2. S Calhoun st update: a lot of vacancy, especially on 8-12 S Calhoun St which have recently had a fire. There has been increased concern on social media with community members advocating for their demolition. Scott would like to look into ensuring the houses will be developed.