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Community School Update

-Kenah: reopening has been a little chaotic—working on training staff to use the internet and making sure that students have access to the internet and devices while also figuring out how to continue programming virtually and can keep students engaged virtually. Working on supporting students with their homelife. See access to housing as a major need–not particularly concerned about food, but a huge housing crash is coming. Will also lose touch with families.


-Joe: planning a SHAA Care Day for families. Have had struggles communicating with families–has been difficult figuring out what the best way to engage families and ensure that they have the training and support needed to help support students. Access to PPE is an issue, and looking for creative ways to connect with students and families. Would like to focus on ways to make sure that students and families are connected to the internet–continue to look for ways to expand digital equity in the neighborhoods. 

–Stephanie suggested connecting via Class Dojo


–Charles Carroll Barrister: concerned about effectively communicating with parents, especially harder to reach parents


Community Schools Program has also been thinking about the idea of learning pods, and have been wondering how to support families–hasn’t been directly voiced to the coordinators so are working with parents and families to see what level of demand there is about this issue and if there’s a way to support them. Also see a need for support for training on technology and how to support students. 


Biggest issues seem to be access to technology and training and supporting pods if and where needed.


SAFE Center is offering a learning support program at the SAFE Center from 8-3pm and students will also participate in a hands on activity. Elam could connect anyone interested with Van to learn more.


Nativity would be more than happy to provide resources to help with pods and technology training.


Sheila: North Ave is still working on figuring out how to define pods.


Abigail: parents could use tech literacy training, could also provide a stipend to a parent who can wrangle the kids, or hold outdoor parent learning circles. Also suggested a survey


Next Steps: Community School folks will develop a sense and a plan of what parents and families at individual schools need and develop a plan to meet those needs and we can figure out how to get the resources to meet those plans

Felecia: this conversation speaks to the need to have family voice participating in the committee


Youth Engagement Update

Elizabeth met with Rashad Staton, the Youth Engagement Specialist for Community Engagement at North Ave. Rashad provided best practices that should be followed in youth engagement and suggested the formation of a subcommittee that would be tasked with developing a plan for meaningful engagement with young people. Committee members volunteered serve on the subcommittee as well as a subcommittee to address learning pods.


Covid-19 Response Update

United Way provided mask donations which were distributed through the community-we do have some left at the SWP office if folks are in need. If anyone is interested in addressing any of the focus areas please let Elizabeth know.


Racial Equity Update

The Education Committee will be holding off on pushing forward with the implementation of their specific recommendations while the SWP Board and Staff under go organizational anti-racism/white supremacy assessment and facilitated work with a consultant



Morgan State has a program called Morgan CARES that provides small grants to address health disparities. Someone from Morgan could come to the next Education Committee meeting to talk about the program.


Lou has started an organization called Hands and Feet United and is recruiting volunteers for Thread. If anyone is interested in volunteering they should contact Lou.


Chat log

19:03:45 From  Elam Boockvar-Klein  to  Elizabeth Weber(Privately) : elam.boockvar-klein@werepair.org

19:03:47 From  Elizabeth Weber : Elizabeth email: Elizabeth@swpbal.org

19:03:54 From  Elam Boockvar-Klein  to  Elizabeth Weber(Privately) : So good to put a name to the face!

19:04:22 From  Stephanie : Stephanie Williams swilliams4@cc-md.org 

19:11:19 From  Abigail : Brevity is the soul of decreased dental pain.  Thank you to everyone for coming and to E for leading the meeting!

19:27:57 From  Kenah Lyons : Elam are you from michigan?

19:28:46 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : so, how can we support the parents? (Will Miller)

19:33:31 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : that’s what it seemed like, that they are not accessible to lower income families

19:35:39 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : if school coordinators need help going out to surveying, some of us could help

19:36:39 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : there’s a lot we can do to gather data out and about with an iPad, a hotspot and a simple survey (like Google?)

19:37:59 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : if surveys have been done, it would great to see the information

19:38:02 From  Abigail : Thanks, Cecilia!  I’m taking note of your offer…

19:38:15 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : great 😊

19:38:59 From  Sheila Drummond Camm : Agreed

19:39:01 From  Abigail : Amen.

19:39:20 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : it’ll be great to invite parents to this meeting who want to share on behalf of their neighborhood

19:40:10 From  Abigail : Please feel free to invite anyone – all SWP committees are open to everyone.

19:40:51 From  Laura Dykes : Are these pods outside?

19:41:12 From  Felecia : They can be outside, but not all of them are.

19:42:33 From  Abigail : A learning pod could simply be an adult monitoring and troubleshooting a group of kids doing their virtual learning….

19:42:55 From  Abigail : to a teacher planning group activities, brain and movement breaks, adding art activities, etc.

19:51:00 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : I know we’re trying to move on, but I do think it would be important to think about the idea of pods, if they aren’t really designed for lower income families, there might be other solutions that would need to be explored

19:51:25 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : great!

19:51:37 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : cecigonzalez03@gmail.com

19:51:47 From  Sheila Drummond Camm : They should be for all families

19:52:09 From  Erica Knox : yes

19:52:24 From  Quincy Goldsmith : as should a lot of other things.

19:52:43 From  Sheila Drummond Camm : Yes, yes, yes Quincy

19:53:31 From  Sheila Drummond Camm : I will make sure to share all information and make sure it will be sent to Felicia to share

19:53:46 From  Lou Packett : Both.

19:53:58 From  Dotie Page : both

19:54:29 From  iPad : pods

19:54:39 From  Erica Knox : pods

19:55:07 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : pods

19:55:19 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : and survey

19:55:46 From  Denise Hillery : Pods

19:56:01 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : (I didn’t hear the other ☺️ but I’ll read the minutes)

19:58:47 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : I know a company that makes really good masks Move The Needle. I could get in touch with them

19:59:08 From  C. Givens-Patterson : Hello, I am interested.

19:59:13 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : and there’s another called Masks for the Masses (I think)

20:00:13 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : is there an estimate of how many masks would be needed?

20:00:41 From  Abigail : And if anyone knows crafty people in the neighborhood who would like to make masks, perhaps we could provide them with cloth to make them…

20:01:14 From  Elizabeth Weber : Cecilia not really–I think we would want to have a ready supply available to those who might need them

20:01:24 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : I have a friend, and her family/church makes some. I could ask her

20:01:36 From  Abigail : Super!

20:07:32 From  Sheila Drummond Camm : Cloth ones are supposed to be among the best

20:14:33 From  iPad : yes

20:14:36 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : I believe the issue of racial equity (and white supremacy) should not only be talked about, but addressed internally in an organization… I guess that’s what’s being said right now

20:15:15 From  Cecilia Gonzalez : diversity and inclusion