Public Safety Committee

Southwest Partnership

September 25, 2019



Attendees: Octavia Robinson, Robert Meyers, JR Lee, Dan Rodenburg, Bif Browning, Louis Easly, Emmanuela Lazard, Laura Dykes


Approval of July minutes

  • Laura made a motion to approve, Dan second


    • Neighborhood crime – round-robin updates
      • JR Lee – robbery theft uptick in incidents, network of organized 
        • Need cameras in business district —how?
        • How should we address this with the police?
        • No Trespassing Sign – campaign?
        • hire private security? $40/hr and maybe 10hrs per week? Peak hours?
        • If we want the BPD to do something, need some political support—> Invite John Bullock to help and Council President —Find Brandon Scott assistant/John Bullock City Councilman
        • Public Safety Forum – SWP for February
          • Laura made motion, Bif second
      • Bif: need letter of support from Hollins Roundhouse to declare unit block of S Carey vacant
      • Dan: 1100 block of West Baltimore is also a source of illicit activity awaiting demolition. Hearing is in October—Can people show up to this?
      • Meyers/JR: how do we generate publicity?
  • Bif: draft a letter for lighting survey, walk for Carey Street from Mulberry to Pigtown
  • Cameras
    • How do we fund this?
  • Lighting survey
    • Trees are blocking canopy 
  • Alley Gates
    • Work in progress, but need to install.

Old Business

New Business

  • New business announcement: Uses recreation (cheerleading) to develop girls for womanhood – W Pratt and Carey.         
  • Juice Lab at Hollins & S Carrollton announcement


  • Tony made a motion to adjourn, Laura second