Housing Committee

Southwest Partnership

September 12, 2019




ATTENDEES: Edith Gilliard, Lou Packett, Geon Floyd, Heather Kangas, Diana Geis, Sonia Eaddy, George Kleb, Nancy McCormick, Christina Engerman, Paulette Carroll



  • Paulette – Over 400 work orders in backlog at Townes of the Terraces. Housing authority is owner and Edgewood management company is manager  — anything we can do? —-PAULETTE to work with DIANA on a letter to HABC and Edgewood, copying HUD, Councilman?
    • Lou first, Edith seconded to write a letter 

Review of July Minutes

  • Follow-up with Michael and Fundraising Committee on fundraising requests 
  • Nancy made a motion to accept minutes first and George second


  • Christina Engerman – Why Use a Realtor (Moved to November)
  • Geon Floyd – Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services (MOHS)
    • New agency created July 1st
    • Discussion of Baltimore City Continuum of Care 
    • Jeryanne Anthony new director 
    • Wanting to start Baltimore City’s own voucher program, locally governed
    • The Journey Home
    • As of Oct 1 homeless shelters will be 24 hours/7 days
    • Feedback: 
      • Need a landlord strategy to reduce prejudice
      • Concern with landlords deciding not to lease due to new rental regulation
      • How many MOHS Staff? 5 staff for SW baltimore outreach 
      • Healthcare for the Homeless—-supportive housing project with Episcopal Housing over near Hopkins EBDI sets good precedent
  • Carol Ott coming next month — holding landlords accountable
    • Would also be helpful to get an education on how to be a good landlord



  • Elections – Diana not running again; November elections
  • Bahamas fundraiser
  • Christina – Live Baltimore Event coming up Sept 28 at Polytechnic Institute
  • Poe Homes planning 
    • Design Charrette for housing types in Poe Homes footprint held on Tuesday, Sept 10 on how Housing Authority will plan the poe homes community 
    • Surprising announcement of potential to allow some of existing La Cite land to go towards spreading out Poe Homes footprint to reduce density pressures (e.g. building new towers to meet grant demands).
      • Poe residents asking for separate entrances vs high rises where elevators/exits could be controlled by bad actors. 
      • More space for 288 homes to be less dense and more green space
  • Receivership
    • About to get title auction properties in Mount Clare. Found potential developer for Franklin Square properties on N Gilmor. University of Maryland Baltimore is hosting a Live Near Your Work event just for SWP developers, realtors to help with pre-sale of auction properties, and promote turnkey homes on the market. Set for October 29th.
  • Tax sale 
    • SWP has helped buy four (4) properties for homeownership from 2018 tax sale to-date. Two (2) more in pipeline.
    • Tony preparing now for more streamlined 2019 process, since past year we discovered that five different City departments/divisions touch Tax Sale process, and requires better coordination.
  • La Cite – N/A


Old Business


New Business

  • Committee Chair Elections – November


Adjournment – Edith made a motion to adjourn, Paulette second