Eric Clay

Demetrius Goodwin

Brian Murray

Lisa Rawlings

Terry Fisher

Zoe Cumberland

Jacquetta Graham

Lou Packett

Khandra Sears

Bif Browning

Anchor Presentation on Employer Expectations: Will be rescheduled, trying to reschedule for October


Community Resource Fair Update: All night community resource fair had been planned for October 13th, unfortunately had to be canceled as the partners who had been working on it with us (JOTF and Out for Justice) decided not to continue as partners. They will be having next event in Cherry Hill, Workforce Committee will meet in early October to talk about next steps and how to continue to have these events with the features that made it attractive. Lisa would like Bon Secours to be involved in taking a lead role in a similar event. Bon Secours would be able to play a role.


Rev Murray: is there a way to connect folks whose records have been expunged and those who are looking to employ those whose records have been recently expunged.


The Roundtable members fully support this outreach effort and doing it in off hours etc, would like to expand it to include training providers


Zoe: Had resource fair for Back on My Feet members, didn’t have employers, brought in partners to do job coaching during the expungement waiting period


Eric: there is a need for a public policy shift, as well as entrepenurial training


Access to Employment Supports: Lisa at UMB has a small budget to provide employment and job search supports to people (transportation vouchers, uniforms, background check). How do others track this?

Jacquetta: people provide a request log, generally have staff purchase and then provide reimbursement

Zoe: Back on My Feet, have an application process for financial aid and allocate budget based on what people are asking for, purchase items for the program, don’t provide funding directly.

Bon Secours: build it in grants and provide it as part of the program, do an assessment and note what clients needs, and then provides them support



Lisa: UMB having a CPR class (for health professionals) small fee for individual, make it available to community referral program and workforce Wednesday participants first, then community members.

Johns Hopkins Hospital had a hiring event at the UMB CEC, found four candidates, planning another event for next month


Back on My Feet: 1 year at Penn North Recovery, will have the water stop at mile 22 at the running festival on October 20th


CFUF: Mock Interviews next week, next STRIVE class begins October 5th, STRIVE Future Leaders begins October 1st


NPower: expanding operations (doubling class size), and expand to the East side (Hoen Lithograph Building), now recruiting for east side class


Southwest Palooza: 9/29 3-7pm Modell Park


Bon Secours expungement clinic Thursday 27th, RSVP to attend 410 362 3620