Caryn York

Kristine Balasz

Elizabeth Weber

Richard Parker

Marwin Williams

Virginia Halley

Ivan Leshinsky

Lou Packett

Khandra Sears

Bif Browning


Sowebo Landmark 5K October 7th

Last Sunday in the month concert in Union Square Park, second Sunday concert in Franklin Square Park

November 11th Union Square Home Brew festival


9/5-9/97 there is a conference being held at Gaylord Convention Center on racial wealth divide held by JP Morgan Chase–convening of advocates, NPO, business leaders, Baltimore selected as a focus city Caryn heard some statistics: 63% Af. Am., white houselod income 2x, black unemployment is 3x, ⅓ black households no wealth, other statistics on wealth disparity, 9/10 inmates are African American, all a result of policies that push communities out of opportunities for economic prosperity/stability, have to address economics to address crime, SWP neighborhoods tend to be highlighted, duty of committees to close the racial wealth divide


SWP 626 Planning

October 13th 2nd all night community resource fair. Providing resources from 6pm to 6am–especially legal services/expungement, also employment services, adult education services–targeted focus on employment, youth, seniors

Potential Vendors and Who will Contact Them

South Baltimore Learning Center (Caryn)

Accupuncturist (Caryn)

Mayor’s Office: MVA, Child Support, MOED, Human Services, DHR, MOED/Southwest Works (Caryn)

2nd chance warrant program

Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition (EW)

Choice Program (Ivan)

Jermaine Jones/AFL CIO (Richard)

Need volunteers available overnight for younger folks especially kids experiencing homelessness

Organization of Hope (?)

Marwin Williams can register people to vote, voter registration (no candidates) (Out For Justice)

Sex trafficking–will go out all night (Richard)

Homeless youth initiative/Healthcare for the Homeless (Elizabeth)

SPARC (Elizabeth/Caryn)

Reaching out to local businesses who might be hiring/open employment opportunities, unions

Narcan training, self defense

Spanish speakers if needed (?)/CASA (Ivan), Catholic Legal Immigration network (Ivan)

Guidewell (Kristine), CASH Campaign

Deaf services (Marwin)

Elder abuse/ Department of Aging (Elizabeth)

Roberta’s House (Marwin)

Social Workers (UMB) (Elizabeth/Caryn SWCOS)

Dental clinic (Khandra)

Vital Documents (Paul’s Place)

Manna House, Franciscan Center (Selim Gahard)

Viva House (Ivan)

Bills Place (food)

Lou: contact Habitat and Second Chance

Roundtable members/Job Training (Elizabeth)

School District for enrollment (Lou)

SAFE Center (Caryn)


Richard is there a way to pay folks who live in the footprint for food and security? If there are folks who can do 6-1 or 2 and could grill on site


Elizabeth will ask city about port-a-potties