Kimberly Sheridan

Elizabeth Weber

Scott Kashnow

Betsey Waters

Bif Browning

Project Updates: If the owner doesn’t do anything in the next two weeks we will have possession of the property. Need to get contractors as soon as possible to look at the house and begin the stabilization process. Need to secure the space, remove trash, and stabilize the building. Morgan State Architecture project is interested, have had an architect look at the project. SID and Michael Rock Development are possibilities for stabilizing the building. Send three contractors, get quotes to stabilize the building. Ask SID, Michael Rock, JR construction company. Scott and staff will get the contractors out to look at the building once we are possession.

BNHA has a capital grant round open, could potentially be a good fit.

Elizabeth sent out recordings from the storytelling project

Talking to the UMBC student


Mencken House moving forward with BNHA as the tenant and the money that was sequestered will be available.

SW Palooza September 29th 4-7pm at Modell Park in Poppleton. The Committee is invited to attend a project session on Tuesday/Thursday SWP office 6:30-8:30pm