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Rachel Goodrich

Community Anchor Referral Program Survey

Program allows organizations to refer people to jobs at our local anchor institutions–UMB, UMMC, UM Faculty Physicians. A referral is an indication that a community member is ready for the position that they have referred for. The program guarantees that a hiring manager will see the application. We have surveys out that ask for feedback–this feedback is very important in how we continue to structure the program. Elizabeth will re-send the link to the attendees.


We do have a proposed change to the process based on the feedback we’ve received. We would like to have all referrals come through a google form, which will provide better feedback and information to outside partners, community members, and participants. Lisa passed out a sample referral form for roundtable feedback. Ellen asked what the policy is if community members send separate applications for many positions. Lisa will add a section to the form. The policy is one form per application, with a section for whether or not they have applied to a job in the past.


The form will be in use by the next meeting. It will help with more regular feedback and updates by creating a simple tool to track outcomes and progress.


Desiree: is there a reason why there’s only particular types of jobs (generally not relevant to YearUp participants) that appear in the entry level list? It is split by anchor and UMMC and UMMC by anchor, nursing support, and general support. The jobs on the list are not the only jobs in the program.


Southwest Works Update

Rachel is updating the workforce calendar on the SWP website–the calendar will be updated regularly and emailed via pdf weekly.


Rachel: new hours will also be on the calendar (drop in during the morning and appointment in the afternoon).


Employer Update

Usually on the agenda, Deral at MOED is not available today.


There will be a job fair upcoming October 14th that was sent to the workforce roundtable. Job seekers will need to register with the Employment Connection Center at 1410 Bush St.



CFUF has just started a new STRIVE Cycle. They are starting a partnership with Open Works on a production sewing program. It will be a free 6 week program Wednesday nights 6pm-9pm and Sundays 9am-12pm.


JOTF has a new Executive Director who had been their policy director.


Ellen will email Paul’s Place holiday registration to Elizabeth–she will send to the whole roundtable.

Aramark will be hosting a job readiness fair on Wednesday 9/20


YearUp is recruiting for the January cohort, information sessions are required and are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12pm. Ages are 18-24 and are recruiting a cohort of 80. If programs have space they can get on Desiree’s calendar. Gradsoflife.org is a website that partners with corporations and other organizations to help folks find entry level positions.


Back on My Feet is working with Penn North Recovery Center, and will be at RecoveryFest 9/16 from 12-6 on N Carey St. They will also be the charity partner for the Color Run on September 30th.


SWP Southwest-Palooza will be on September 30th from 1-4pm at Modell Park–all are invited! The Workforce Committee also has a new Chair, Gabe Auteri.


Lou will connect anyone who is interested with a workforce group in the general Upton neighborhood area


Maxine: UMMC looking to hire food service workers.


Kristine: Excel Academy has some students in the Careers Program who will be looking for internship opportunities for and she’ll be in touch with more details.


NPower is recruiting for their January class, 18-24 year olds. They are also looking for internships. Hosting a mock interview day on October 11th.


UMB Community Engagement Center: there is a new computer lab and will be a ribbon cutting on Monday the 25th. There was a local hiring push for security guards at UMB, and the local pool was the first pool looked at.

Bon Secours Community Works currently having an expungement workshop downstairs. September 30th will be having a healthcare career fair. The valet parking program is going well. Clean and Green will be starting their next cohort in January.