Southwest Partnership

Workforce Development Committee Meeting

Wednesday September 6 2017




Lou Packett

Ellen Craven

Khandra Sears

Elizabeth Weber

Bif Browning

Gabe Auteri


Upcoming Community Events

Pigtown Mainstreet Community Events for the fall:

Pop-Up Park September 17th 11am-3pm (Curtis will be discussing the plan with Ciara–Elizabeth will update the Committee)

Bloom the Boulevard September 23rd 9am-2pm (working event)

Pigtown Festival October 14th: SWP will be there (12-7)


Southwest Partnership Palooza

September 30th from 1-3 at Modell Park

Will need to be staffed by representatives from the Committee



Last Sunday of the month Village Idiots Union Square September 24th, one more in October–this would be a good event to attend


Thursday Farmer’s Market in Carroll Park (Rachel Goodrich, Ruth) to talk about Southwest Works–EW will follow up with Claire


Ms Riley–SHAA Back to School Event confirm that it will work


Kaiser Permanente Health Screenings at New Beginnings–would be a good place to attend once they get up and running


Lou: Harvest Event will be rescheduled, and Lou will let everyone know


Gabe: add if folks want to be on the Committee itself to the survey and the conversation


Other Projects

Anchor Local Hiring

Bif suggested taking advantage of Noah Smock as the head of the Carroll Camden Industrial Area


Southwest Works Outreach

Ruth will be helping Rachel–Ruth will look into it


Curtis–flyers for Southwest Palooza need to be in Spanish and Korean (Lou will check with Laurie Smith)


Committee Elections

Khandra nominated Gabe, Lou seconded

Gabe was elected Committee Chair



Lou: Vitreon America is the type of thing that we need to be doing–bringing employers into the area. It is the type of project that he is interested in working on.