Southwest Partnership

Historic Preservation Committee

September 18 2017


6pm 918 Lemmon St



Scott Kashnow

Michael Mellett

Jane Mayrer

Bestey Waters

Dan Rodenburg

Kimberley Sheridan

Bif Browning


Historic Locations

The committee took the time to review some maps of the neighborhoods and to list all of the historic and important sites, buildings, and locations in the neighborhoods. These locations will be added to a general spreadsheet, and details will be expanded upon.


They shared their lists with the larger committee and discussed sites of interest, including the slave pens which were at the intersection of Scott and Lemmon St. The committee agreed that sites like these should be memorialized–especially because the legacy of slavery in Baltimore, and Maryland, is not always acknowledged.


Jane Maryrer mentioned being curious about the location of Maryland Square, the estate of the Steuart family who were Confederate sympathizers who were exiled from Maryland during the Civil War and who fought for the Confederacy. They were also among the leaders of St Luke’s Church. It appears that Maryland Square was located roughly around the intersection of Baltimore and Monroe Streets–around the Bon Secours campus. The estate was seized by the government during the Civil War and used as a hospital.


The committee agreed that church records are a great source of historic information.


Malachi Mills Family Update

Kim has done some more research on the Malachi Mills family. He is buried with his second wife, daughter, and a granddaughter at Mt Olivet Cemetery, and the grave records are at Lovely Lane United Methodist Church. She has been able to find Malachi’s son, Richard, who applied to join the navy in 1869, and his daughter Martha who was married twice and had at least four children. Martha appears in most censuses as white, although she was marked ‘mulatto’ in one, and her first husband was marked as black. Kim will continue to research the family’s history–Elizabeth will help with expenses and copying.

Historic Sign Project

Hollins Roundhouse Neighborhood Association voted to approve, the check should be coming soon. Union Square needs to make a contribution–Franklin Square’s contribution is all set.


Southwest Palooza

Will be September 30th from 1-3pm. Most of the committee members are able to attend and staff the committee’s table. There will be an opportunity for community members to learn about ongoing projects, and to contribute to the historic site list and sign up for the storytelling project.