Richard Parker

Curtis Clark

Scott Kashnow

Dominique Thomas

Bif Browning

Lisa Rawlings

Lou Packett

Mark Matthews


Virginia Holley

Ivan Leshinsky

Rachel Goodrich


Bill Marker

Kristine Balasz

GorDon Baker

Deatrice Bundy 

Workforce Development Grants

Grants were reviewed by the Committee and approved right before this meeting. Applicants will be notified and then the awards will be announced.


Committee discussed the extent of the Lowe’s involvement as well as the $8,000 remaining which will be used if awardees need it and awarded next year.


The Committee voted to confirm the grant review committee’s decision.


Case Management Applications

Received two applications–Lou and Khandra will serve on the review committee. They will present their recommendation to the Committee at the November meeting.


Committee Elections

Committee will be electing a new Chair in November. Every committee member who has attended three meetings in the past 12 months will be eligible to vote, and any interested community member can run


Committee voted to adjourn–Bill Marker moved and Kristine and Virgina seconded