Public Safety Committee

Southwest Partnership

October 28, 2020





  1. JR Lee, Public Safety
  2. Dan Rodenberg, Union Square Association (USA)
  3. Robert Meyer, Hollins Market
  4. Scott Kashnow, Franklin Square
  5. Bif Browning, USA
  6. Jr Jones UMBPD
  7. Patty Hogan USA
  8. Richard Parker, Workforce
  9. Catherine, USA
  10. Laura Dykes, Hollins
  11. Howard Hughes, Hollins
  12. Thomas Hams, USA
  13. Liberty Henderson, Poppleton
  14. Venroy July, Hollins
  15. Khandra Sears, USA
  16. Tyrone Roper, UM
  17. Sergeant Jesse Rosser , Western District Neighborhood Liaison
  18. Southern District Commander, Major Byron Conaway
  19. Ricky (Lombard Liquors)
  20. David McGil (USA)
  21. Bill Joyner, BPD (USA)
  22. Lorraine Arikat (SWP)
  23. Tony Scott (SWP)


  • Elections
      • Who is running?
        • JR Lee – unopposed
      • Does the committee want to do an open or closed ballot? 
        • Thomas made motion for open ballot, Scott seconded – unanimously approved
  • BPD updates
      • Question: what is going on with the shootings/uptick in gun violence?
        • something going on b/w group around Union Square and Franklintown group; planning to deploy more police;
        • District action team (DAT) works on daily coordination between districts
        • Will go block or two into district lines regardless of Western or Southern → it’s not necessarily solution to make it all one district; more investigative solution to targeting right people and places with cooperation from State’s Attorney
          • Overtime Foot patrol cut due to budget cut → Richard: could casino funds be used? Don’t know.
      • Question: what about the UMB Police catchment area? 
        • Answer: area has not changed, Chief Thomas Leone would be who you talk to about changing boundaries
      • Use casino funds to help residents (Pigtown/Barre Circle) purchase ring cameras – connect with Ethan Cohen
      • If you call for drug calls; violent crime 
      • Question: Why do so many officers respond to shooting? to ensure partners are safe
        • Is there a community liaison that come out afterwards? Detectives do come out in Southern. District Detective Units (DDU)
        • Trauma support – Community Engagement Center (CEC) will have healing circles: Tyrone Roper <>
        • CEC will also have addiction support groups
      • Recommendations from Major Conaway: Vacants, lighting
      • Bill Joyner – opportunity to get involved in behavioral health space: Collaborative Implementation and Planning Committee
  • Community safety updates
    • Camera pilot update – Thomas
      • be mindful that Ring cameras are limited in how long they record and are only motion activated, not continuous
      • working on costing out target areas
      • city camera reimbursement program:
    • Police response accountability spreadsheet – Bill Joyner
      • will be time-limited 2-3 month push
      • not asking double entry of 911 information
      • SWP creates form → BPD will have access to form
      • Update on changes to consent decree; Every friday at 4pm from Anita
        • Bill will provide summary documents of Consent Decree and present at next month 

Old Business

  • Alley Gates – Thomas
  • Lighting Survey – Tony
    • South Baltimore Partnership funding Pigtown
    • Ask DOT for more intensive survey for estimate
      • ask about funding for lighting in front of Lockerman Bundy
      • Pedestrian scale lighting like along the Mulberry/Franklin bike loop – DOT?  

New Business – N/A

Richard made motion to adjourn, JR Lee seconded.