Jane Mayrer

Dan Rodenburg

Scott Kashnow

Betsey Waters

Elizabeth Weber

Sonia Eaddy

Paulette Carroll

Diana Geis

Committee Elections

Dan nominated Scott, Scott accepted. The Committee unanimously elected Scott Chair, Jane with gratitude.


Goals and Projects for Next Year

Bruce St Stables: SWP received a grant from the state to stabilize, immediate stabilization has been done, waiting for MHT approval to start work which should begin soon. Next steps are to work with owners to connect them with neighborhood and community resources as needed and to introduce Committee members to the folks operating the stables.


Has been progress on the demolition of the 1100 block of W Baltimore St. Permits have been pulled and CHAP is working on approval so demolition should be imminent. 


Dan would like more information on 1 N Carey St and other projects that are happening along the W Baltimore St corridor. Committee would like to know about progress towards completion and an overview of how SWP has been involved in the project.


Status of building (ownership)

Status of building (plans)

Anticipated start date

Anticipated end date 

Where the project is in development process and percentage complete

Current engagement with SWP staff and committees

CHAP review status


Buildings: 1 N Carey St, Ford Building, Gelato Factory, Salvation Army Building, 1518 W Baltimore St, buildings along 1500 block of W Baltimore St


Franklin Square Sign: working on consolidating the language and editing it. Committee is ok with the association finalizing the sign but would like to see it.


Sarah Ann St houses could be another project. The Committee discussed whether they needed to be preserved, stabilized, or both. There is an easement on the property–the original owner had owned the entire block, which they sold to Baltimore City earlier this year. Still rented to tenants, but the easement may no longer apply because the City owns the property. Ms Sonia would like to have something in writing to preserve the buildings on Sarah Ann St.


Committee would like to build a neighborhood history website with stories collected, video, story maps, etc.


Sonia would like to know what would qualify Poppleton to be on the National Historical Register–could be architectural history, historical things happen there, historical person lived there only have to have one. Elizabeth could reach out to CHAP and partners at UMBC to put together an application and the research. Sonia would also like to invite the Chairs of the Committees to attend the Poppleton neighborhood association meetings.