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Crosswalk Art

Below are the notes from Aaron Kaufman of the Central Baltimore Partnership on their crosswalk art project


“The budget has varied on these projects because it depends on how much project management you ask of Graham. He is very capable of doing this as he has worked with community groups and city agencies very often, but it will mean more hours devoted to the project. His rate is $75/hr but he does a great job of working with you based on your budget as he did with our partners due to the funding available.


Margaret Brent E/M Crosswalk Art- $14,000

Barclay E/M-$12,785 

(included artist fee, materials, permits, flexposts, admin/printing, food for installation and meeting days)



  • Creative brainstorming session with Graham and students to identify STEAM/STEM icons for the design
  • Graham created designs based off of the infrastructure and design work from students
  • Marketing and presentations of 3 design options at community meetings- surrounding communities and school voted on options. Also developed an online survey for voting
  • Selection of design and color scheme. Sent to DOT for sign-off and approval (design, materials, permitting, MOT, etc). We met with Jessica Pimentel (City Planner at DOT) to work through all aspects of the project to make sure we were in compliance. DOT prefers you do this work on side streets rather than arterial roads, but we were able to accomplish it on high traffic streets!
  • Purchase of materials– Graham is an expert here because the type of paint will depend on the quality of the pavement/asphalt. The paint for the Barclay E/M school was much more expensive because it had to adhere to rougher asphalt. Size of bumpout and crosswalk will also create variations in pricing. 
  • For Barclay, we spent time advocating for crosswalks to move up DOT’s pavement schedule so that we could use less expensive paint to fresher asphalt (unsuccessful). At Margaret Brent, the community advocated for bumpouts at 26th and Calvert where the CSX tracks collapsed (successful). We also had to troubleshoot several issues with DOT and BG&E throughout this process. 
  • ROW Art application completed
  • MOU between the local community association and DOT completed (insurance is required, ask Graham if you need assistance with this)
  • Permit acquisition and maintenance of traffic scheduling with DOT 
  • Installation of flex posts/bumpouts (to be scheduled way in advance!)
  • Site prep and installation (community has been involved in painting at both projects…on the sidewalk, not in the street)
  • Reporting/pictures and invoicing throughout
  • Celebration! 

I may have missed a few things, but it was quite a lengthy process. However, worthwhile in the end!!”


Bag Bill Update

Dan is concerned that the bag bill was watered down. The Committee discussed changes to the bill and possibilities for bagless and low waste initiatives.


The Committee will begin having a conversation with the Baltimore Public Market Corporation. Dan will reach out to the Public Markets asking to begin the conversation on the Public Markets providing reusable bags. 


Clean Ups and Leaves

Dan is concerned with leaves being swept into the gutter. He proposes going to the neighborhood associations to ask them to consider initiatives to bag leaves


Goal Updates

Elizabeth updated the Committee on the status of the Small Neighborhood Grants that have been awarded


Dan would like to focus on hot spots for dumping and crime in the neighborhood as well as encouraging associations to use code enforcement

The Public Safety and Vibrant Streets Committees will be working on getting pedestrian lighting along Carey St


Baltimore Right to Water Coalition is asking neighborhood associations to put pressure on their council people to support a bill that will set up an independent board to support people. Biff would like to share it with as many people as possible. 


Committee Elections

Dan Rodenburg was nominated, accepted the nomination and was unanimously re-elected