Housing Committee

Southwest Partnership

October 10, 2019


Introductions – How do you celebrate Halloween?

Review of September Minutes

  • Nancy first and heather second


  • Carol Ott – Fair Housing Action Center of Maryland
    • Canceled and moved to next meeting
  • Christina Engerman – Why Use a Realtor
    • Gives presentation on why a realtor is important for consumers
    • Get people ready for auction properties with event on homeownership coaching who are middle income/working class?
  • Civil Justice – Owen 
    • Helping SWP with Tax Sale foreclosure work


  • Live Baltimore event report
    • SWP Table, Diana was there, Mount Clare 
    • Housing: make recommendation to board for signs like Mount Clare
    • Need guidance on raising money for things like homeowners incentive

Old Business

  • Townes of the Terrace
    • Paulette and Diana working on draft
  • Poe Homes planning
    • Not a meeting since design charette last month
    • Poppleton Working with Archdiocese to get their new school to have a playground and community center with some public access. 
      • Talk to Michael about Poe Planning process 



  • Receivership
    • SWP as Receiver update —Nancy, Christina, Edith, Sonia, Jon, Paulette, 
    • Auction update
  • Tax sale – no new updates
  • La Cite – water issue resolved, has partial occupancy
    • Ask City to our la cite in default of their lda
      • Suzanne and Heather
    • Discussion: after full review of LDA, need to be very specific —Tony will send out to Suzanne, George, Sonia—> Suzanne will summarize
      • Gilliard – abstain



  • Elections – Next Meeting

New Business


  • George first, Heather second