Betsey Waters

Jane Mayrer

Michael Mellett

Scott Kashnow

Dan Rodenburg

Poppleton Neighborhood Association

Poppleton Neighborhood Association is interested in the historic sign project and in become a National Register Historic District. Neighborhood association has to lead it.

Malachi Mills House

House is going to be stabilized within the month. The Committee discussed the next steps for the project and how to move the project forward. The Committee will develop the marketing materials to encourage community interest in the house and there will also be a need for serious academic research on the history of the Mills family and the house.

Elizabeth will talk with Curtis about developing a way to market the Malachi Mills House project. She will share with the committee via email for feedback. Add links to existing small house museum.

Lord Baltimore Tour

10am on Saturday November 9th will be the Lord Baltimore Theater Tour

Littlepages Update

Littlepages is closing, SWP has purchased the building. There has been interest in opening food related businesses in the property.

Mencken House Update

First official opening date is December 1st. Will be an invitation only property on November 24th. Will be open one day a week—Sundays. Will have a caterers kitchen to have events.

CHAP Updates

On October 8th there was a hearing about the building on the 1500 block of W Baltimore St where the rear collapsed. The SWP will meet with CHAP to discuss the projects on the block.

Committee Chair Elections

Dan and Michael nominated Scott. Scott accepted the nomination.  Scott was unanimously re-elected Committee Chair.