Bif Browning

Lisa Rawlings

Ivan Leshinsky

Elizabeth Weber

Richard Parker

Virginia Halley

Marvin Williams

Kristine Balasz

Khandra Sears

Jacquetta Graham

Community Resource Fair

What are our priorities?

-Focus on community members who are not already connected to services, and would not access services during the day


What do we want to focus on?

-legal services and expungement

-training programs

-will need to schedule the event so that it meets with their registration program

-employment opportunities (how to connect people with employment opportunities)

-have vendors have very clear next steps


What structure do we want?

–walk-in (no registration)

–after hours (after work hours)


Bon Secours does events all the time–should reach out


Workforce Roundtable would love to be involved in something similar, would love to be involved

Biggest barriers: budget; legal services (having attorneys that are willing to work off hours); strong outreach partners/strong outreach team


Could we partner with similar organizations? Yes, have to identify partners who have both the technical skills needed and who can do outreach


Potential partners: Project PLASE, Safe Streets, Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, ABAG Workforce Roundtable


Richard Parker would be willing to take on the the point coordination with SWP staff

Kristine: community bulletin boards?, training in how to do follow ups?

Marvin: willing to do outreach

Ivan: suggested using lawn signs


Next Steps:

Identify a date

Identify an indoor/outdoor space