Dan Rodenburg

Donald Eaddy

Kito Shani

Elizabeth Weber

Lonia Muchle

Lizzy Blake

Kaitlynn Ecler

Bif Browning

Anti-Littering Campaign Update

Dan Rodenburg emailed with a request for feedback from the neighborhood association presidents for the community clean ups.

Anti-Littering campaign roll out planned for the spring.

Clean Block Competition planned for spring, with the reward being a block party on their block for the cleanest block.

Share the city snow and ice removal with the Block Captains.

Have to start thinking about where to get trash cans to improve the trash infrastructure.

Have to apply for the new city trash cans.

Goals for 2019

  •       Push for the B&O to be more involved in improving the Carey St underpass. Elizabeth and Dan will reach out to discuss the Committee’s ongoing concerns and vision for the bridge (dumping)
  •       Friends of Carroll Park is looking for an Executive Director, supporting their efforts could be a goal
  •       Anti-Littering Campaign
  •       Identifying and developing cleaning and maintenance plans on hot spot lots (dumping)
  •       Arlington Ave, supporting the pedestrian bike infrastructure to make it more usable
  •       Hollins Market—developing a vision for what the public space
  •       Identifying projects for the green network plan—Elizabeth will connect with Bif on who we need to connect to (Jeff, Brent)
  •       Painted crosswalks (call weekly), target blocks around schools in the neighborhood, parks, places with heaviest traffic, handicap ramps
  •       Small Neighborhood Grants Program—Bif suggested prioritizing projects in public spaces
  •       More committee members

Updates and Announcements

November 29th maybe rescheduled meeting

Sidewalk repaired Calhoun St, stop sign at Hollins and Calhoun.