Housing Committee

October 18, 2018



  • Diana Geiss, Chair
  • Tony Scott, SWP
  • Serena Watters
  • Christina Engerman
  • Nancy McCormick
  • George Kleb
  • Karina Mandell
  • C Nicole Orr
  • John Cobb
  • Edith Gilliard  




Review of September Minutes

  • Correction: Edith Quilliard → Gilliard
  • Motion to accept, Nancy; Edith second, approved.

EcoDistricts – Karina Mandell

  • Karina Mandell from Green Smart Cities. Ms. Mandell recounted her interest in the topic having learned about health disparities during Freddie Gray. She moved from Social work to how to use business, technology, etc., to help tackle social determinants of health.  Different model called Eco-District, infusing eco-friendly, green initiatives to reduce health disparities. Infusing sustainability, equity and resilience into development within a specific geographic area, similar to a business district or arts/entertainment district.
  • Not intention of pushing gentrification, but environmental justice.
  • Q&A
    • How would you start doing that? Partnering with orgs like CivicWorks and linking them together in a coordinated plan. Maybe giving tax benefit/incentive for businesses that relocate to the Eco-District.
    • Is there a National Standard for Eco-District? EcoDistrict.org there will be webinar on Tuesday from 7-8pm EST; greensmartcities.org
    • How do we get aquaponics? Connect with Green Wall Street

Landlord/Tenant Workshop – St Ambrose Ctr

  • Since BNI went out of business, we found St. Ambrose Ctr. at Southwest Charter School on Thursday, November 29 https://www.stambros.org/
  • It’s both for tenants and landlords rights and responsibilities, and the workshop will be informational and time afterwards to individual cases, if desired.  – Intent to support landlords and tenants
  • Discussion on marketing the event: Transfiguration Catholic Church food baskets, Paul’s Place.

Housing Committee Goals Review

  • Diana read through  “Goals” documents
  • Discussion of mission
  • Diana will provide initial ideas and send out to Committee for feedback
  • Edith: expand vacants to all neighborhoods – will work on wording for how to include all the neighborhoods
  • George: Include an Aging in Place goal?
  • Christine: Would Diana ask St. Ambrose lawyers to speak about new landlord rental registration law?


Tax Sale/Receivership Auctions

  • Tax Auction scheduled October 24th, but no need to bid. Properties will default to City and then go through assignment
  • Receivership auction is still pending due to Court concerns with the process. Meeting scheduled with One House at a Time and Housing Department in coming weeks

Aging in Place Report

  • Requested point of contact from every community, but haven’t heard back yet
  • First event at Hollins House discussing fraud protection for Seniors. Still working on date
  • George: Commission on Aging acknowledgement that they aren’t providing servicing, but still need to come up with advocacy platform

La Cite

  • Hearing last week, La Cite given right to continue acquisition in Poppleton despite community complaints.

Poe Homes

  • Hired an Architect – Davon Hong
  • Brian Greenan is the lead Housing Authority representative for planning process


Old Business

New Business


Adjournment: Edith first and Christine seconded