Scott Kashnow

Michael Mellett

Betsey Waters

Dan Rodenburg

Elizabeth Weber

Sonia Eaddy

Historic Sign Update

The Historic Preservation Committee has been awarded $2000 towards the historic sign project, with the caveat to raise the rest of the money for the project. Need to figure out how to come up with the rest. One of the strategies was to come up with a less expensive contractor. Have a donation from Franklin Square (as well as USA and HRNA but those donations are for signs in those neighborhoods) for $250. Michael: on the sign it should be emphasized that it is a US National Historic District. (‘US National Historic District: Franklin Square).

Poppleton: Not a National Register Historic District yet, but should be. Will be challenging because there’s not a lot of architecture currently in Poppleton and the application starts with the architecture. There are four categories that need to be fulfilled (can get status if only one is fulfilled): -historical structures, major theme in American history (railroad), historic events. Someone from the neighborhood has to say they want to do it—Preservation Committee is willing to provide support.

Sonia: What qualifies properties for preservation: history occurring in the space, renowned individuals lived there, architecture is distinction, lots of the distinction would be done between the Planning Department and CHAP. Walter Gallas might be interested in coming to talk about the difference and the options. Will share the previous applications from the other neighborhoods.

Project Updates

  • Malachi Mills: waiting to get on the judge’s list, applying for funding for architectural designs.
  • Lord Baltimore Theater: Maryland Historic Trust has approved the 1912 façade, brick rather than stucco, in negotiations about the marquee. Sloped floor has been approved to be removed. Damage inside is more extensive than has been estimated—projection booth will need to be rebuilt.
  • 1420 (1416-1428) W Baltimore St: judge has found in favor of the owner again—taking all of the time is hurting the community and there has been dumping and substandard work.
    • Scott: SWP should have the funds to hire an attorney to go after the city or the property owner that is holding up this and similar projects. City doesn’t generally do what the SWP/neighborhoods need them to do. Wants it to be someone’s job. Is asking for the Committee’s support in asking the SWP Board to come up with a plan for fundraising to establish a plan for fundraising to pay for the lawyer. The Committee is in favor of Scott making the request of the Board.
  • B&O has a new executive director who is interested in working with the community, Mounted Police Stables had their ceremonial groundbreaking last month, Scott is willing to wait to see what the Executive Director does but wants to see change and commitment to a partnership or he will request removing them from the SWP.

CHAP Updates

  • Hollins Market: city voted to approve construction on Hollins St and Arlington and Boyd (on vacant lots). Warhorse has said that they will get started on construction this year.
  • 1200 block of Hollins going to be in conversation with the city about building on the demolished lot
  • 1 N Carey St: final drawings for the extension will be presented soon
  • 50 S Fulton will have a new façade rebuild
  • Old Southern Police District building is still stalled