Commercial Development Committee

Southwest Partnership

October 23, 2018



  • Troy Wilson, Chair
  • Michael Seipp, SWP
  • Tony Scott, SWP
  • Jane Buccheri
  • William Freeman
  • Marissa McDonald
  • Frieda Ulman
  • Frizz Barnes
  • Raven Thompson
  • Lou Packett




Welcome & Introductions

 Approval of September Minutes

Approved 10/23, first by Bill Freeman, second Jane Buccheri

 Project updates

  • Façade grant
    • Approved Plano Coudon as general contractor
    • Still waiting on MHT approval for work
    • Tony working on BDC applications
  • Littlepages
    • Contract being prepared. Loan request will be official in the next 10 days to the citywide loan fund managed by Central Baltimore Partnership, Southwest Partnership and Baltimore Community Lending with a Goldseker foundation loan guarantee contract includes all three properties: 1313, 1315-17, 1325 W. Baltimore St.
  • Lord Baltimore
    • Amy Bonitz from BARCO interested in lending support
    • Jed Dietz retired last month and wants to help with Lord Baltimore project – advice on fundraising and development
    • Mid to late January to have a board to take over Lord Baltimore project
  • 1500 W Baltimore St.
    • Maker Housing is moving the fastest 1503-1511 – Michael Rock and Mario Lloyd are discussions with MHT
      • First floor retail for makers products who live upstairs
      • Ethiopian restaurant is dead. Against advice of SWP, entered mortgage arrangement with purported owner of the property that actually did not have clear title.
    • Social Impact Development (1518 W Baltimore) is putting on new roof, cleaning out back. Kingston Commercial realtors to work with them. Talked to/interviewed different architectural/engineering firms. Main question: if they bring façade back to original state would it qualify for historic tax credit?
  • Q&A
    • Missing a comprehensive parking plan for businesses on West Baltimore St
      • Mount and W.Baltimore potential for off street parking
      • Lord Baltimore has off street parking potential near Morning Star Baptist Church

Discussion of Business Development Goals

  • Campaign to attract job producing businesses to the area
  • Technical assistance to small businesses
    1. Please give us feedback on what you’re hearing from businesses, SWP is here as a resource
    2. If you need banking/loan advice talk to Troy, if you talk to Bill Freeman for business services
    3. Tony introduced Entrepreneur of the month concept that the Commercial committee could take up to support small businesses
      • Would help to discover new businesses
      • Would like to hold events at other businesses to spotlight them
      • Invite new businesses to introduce themselves at SWP meeting
    4. Suggestions on types of businesses we want to have
    5. New businesses on Baltimore St. from Cecil’s properties would be good to spotlight them

New Business

  • Pratt methadone clinic should have update at the next SWP Board meeting – Abell foundation has contract to purchase 1020 W Pratt with 2 conditions:
    1. continued use as industrial building;
    2. the owner has to clean the property out
      • A tractor trailer comes every week to clean out space
      • The zoning office has to issue a rule: the U/O permit was for manufacturing, however could get offices and labs and high tech, however in long-run would like to put residential and retail (mixed-use) → New Zoning code rezones to R-8, which limits retail but can exist under conditional use. Abell still negotiating, but there will need to be public hearing.
  • What is happening with Hollins Market? Expected to be a meeting with SWP Executive meeting, City Official and Hollins Market, Friday November 9th.
  • Mt Clare is foreclosed on?

Old Business


Adjournment. Jane first, Bill seconded motion to adjourn.