September 25, 2018 MINUTES


Location: The Back Yard, 131 S. Schroeder St



  • Troy Wilson, Chair
  • Bif Browning
  • Jane Buccheri
  • Frieda Ulman
  • Kenneth Watson
  • Bill Freeman
  • Marissa McDonald
  • Brian Cinicolo
  • Walter Gallas, CHAP
  • Raven Thompson, BDC
  • Michael Seipp
  • Tony Scott



Welcome and Introductions

Approval of September Minutes

Commercial Updates:

  • Southwest Palooza – Tony & Troy reminded attendees of upcoming Palooza and opportunity to volunteer
  • Project updates:
    • Façade grant (Troy)
      • Received a second bid for façade and Façade sub-committee will meet October 9 to fully review, discuss and decide next steps.
      • Still waiting for feedback from MHT.
      • Tony working on BDC applications for owners
    • Littlepages (Michael)
      • Requested $260k from state acquisition fund to buy, and then lease back. Still under negotiation.
    • Lord Baltimore (Michael)
      • Awaiting second bid for facade; no adverse affect from MHT on putting new roof on; end use idea is similar to Creative Alliance but need to set up separate LLC
  • 1500 W Baltimore St. (Michael)
    • Makers housing in design: Mid-Oct hope to have plans to bring to communities impacted
    • SID hired commercial real estate broker to look at short-term replacement while planning long-term. Major issue is off-street parking—considering a lot on Stricker or lots on Baltimore between Gilmor and Mount. Proposal should be coming to the Committee in November.

New Business

  • Michael discussed updates on 1020 W Pratt and relocation of treatment center.
  • Walter mentioned October CHAP Commission looks to approve 5 townhouses for Hollins and Arlington
  • Biopark expects update on 873 W Baltimore St. (Baltimore & Poppleton) by early November

Old Business