Southwest Partnership Housing Committee
10.12.17 Meeting Minutes
Next Housing Committee meeting is scheduled for 11.9.17 at the UMB Community Engagement
Attendees: Sonia Eddy (Poppleton), Edieh Quilliard (Franklin Square), Bret Elam (University of Maryland
Medical Center), George Kleb (Bon Secours), Suzanne Welch (CPDC), Robert Carrillo (Mt Clare), Robert
Meyer (Hollins Market), Daniel Rodenbury (Union Square), Diana Geis (Barre Circle), Nancy McCormick
(Mt Clare), Kitty Perkins (Mt Clare), Beverly Jacobs (Franklin Square), Dorothy Hague (Poppleton Now)
 Introductions
 Updates
o Committee Organizational Business
 Resignation of Jamie Pitts as chair. Proposal to hold interim election at
November meeting. SW Partnership bi-laws require a month’s notice before
election of a new chair. Someone from the governance committee will attend
to oversee the nominations and election.

o Civic Works Presentation – Presenter did not attend the meeting
 This provides services to senior citizens in a certain income bracket to make sure
your home is safe. A team will come in and evaluate your home then make
recommendations for improvements (grab bars, GFI outlets,etc…).
 Sonia mentioned a similar program she is familiar with based on experience
with her mother. She will get the information to share at a future meeting.

o Poppleton Now Presentation – Sonia presented
 Background: La Cite project began in 2004. The project was delayed due to
funding withdrawal related to the housing market issues. In 2014 Sonia was
notified that the project was again moving forward.
 Poppleton has been working with Brent Fleckinger and the city to update the
plans to better serve the community
 Sonia presented the attached slides to the committee. The committee
discussed and decided to support the plan as this is a good time to negotiate
with La Cite, based on changing plans that may require updating the approvals
for bond reasons, etc… Our approval will be sent to the SW Partnership for
official support.
 George made the motion to support the plan. Diana Geis seconded the
motion. The vote was unanimous by all who could vote. Sonia recused

o BRNI/CORE Awards – George Kleb presented
 $500,000 for lease to purchase project in Fraklin Square / Mt Claire

 Asked for $1,900,000 so the model will need to be adapted. Core
money has to be used in 2 years with 50% spent in the first year.

 $500,000 for S Fulton
 Unity Properties asked for $552,000 so the plan is moving forward as-is.
Hopefully pushing for tax credits in the spring (2018).

 $1,000,000 for W Baltimore Street
 Asked for $1,800,000. Mike is proposing that the housing, commercial
re-development, and preservation committees plus the neighborhoods
enter into a prioritization process to determine which projects should
move forward. George will ask the 3 parties involved to document the
impacts of the award value to their projects and present that to the SW
Partnership board next Tuesday (10/17/17).

 Old Business
 New Business
o Pig Town Festival this weekend!