Southwest Partnership Historic Preservation Committee

October 16 2017

6pm 918 Lemmon St


Scott Kashnow
Michael Mellett
Kimberly Sheridan
Elizabeth Weber
Betsey Waters
Daniel Rodenburg

CHAP Updates

1401-1403 W Baltimore St (demolition I hearing), owner is interested in taking the building down himself and putting it back up (as it was). According to the city this counts as new construction. There was a lot of support for him from the neighborhood and the committee.  The owner was successful—the commission decided that based on the condition of the building it was no longer historically significant which allows the owner to move forward. CHAP and Housing Department staff and the owner are going to put together a timeline and a project plan. CHAP would like to see official architectural drawings—they would like to see investment on the owner’s part, while the committee knows the owner and knows that he is invested.  Community support was the reason that the project was allowed to move forward, and the decision sets a precedent for how deconstruction could work.

1410-1412-1416-1418 W Pratt St were being requested for demolition, however some of the current owners protested the demolition so the hearing was postponed. The Union Square Association was supportive of the plan to demolish the properties, but the Committee did not take a position on the demolition. There are a lot of loose ends on the project. The Committee is leaning towards supporting demolition.

At the November CHAP hearing demolition on the 1200 block of Hollins St will be considered. The SWP received funding to demolish the properties which are owned by Warhorse LLC. The Committee should supply a letter of support for the demolition. Warhorse is interested in developing the property.  Elizabeth will write the letter of support.

BGE is going to do some new piping in the brick of buildings to put in new gas lines to replace clogged lines. Dan is going to get more details on Thursday. There are many vents, but they are usually on the sides of houses. The question is whether this is the only thing that can be done, or the cheapest thing that can be done.  The Committee would like them to do something that looks appropriate for the area and fits.

YouthWorks Storytelling
We have copies of everything that are stored.
The Friday Facts are very popular on social media. Please send the text to Elizabeth.
Could also turn into a trivia game.
Elizabeth and Scott will call people interested in the storytelling project.

Sign Project
No new checks received. Union Square voted to approve funding but the funding hasn’t been received yet. There’s currently a cash flow issue at Hollins Roundhouse, but they have voted to support the project.

Malachi Mills Update
Committee did not receive the funding. The SWP does own the tax sale certificate. We need support to actually have possession of the building—we need people who are willing to take ownership of the project, and also be responsible for boarding and keeping it up and running. There are definitely people who would be willing to provide expertise—we do need people who are willing to do the actual work. There’s a good chance that the building can move forward with group work and volunteer events—but someone needs to be physically responsible for the building. Reginald F Lewis may be interested in being responsible for the building.  Comfortable saying will assist with the building—will need to be a big commitment of the Committee. The Committee discussed next steps –do they want to have a meeting separate from the Committee meeting or do they want to plan the project. Scott, Dan, and Betsey will keep an eye on the building. The Committee should be identifying what needs to be done next and who’s going to do it. The Committee needs to make a list of what needs to be done immediately once possession has been taken. Will have to do the hands-on work as well as developing a plan and an exit strategy. Next meeting will spend the whole meeting talking about what needs to be done. Dr Hayward would be a great source of information.  Need a timeline, and be included on other discussions around the 1500 block.
Malachi Mills house bought a piece of property a few blocks east to construct a building on the lot.

Other updates
The Committee will consider meeting at the B&O once a year. The meeting would have to be on a Saturday or Sunday when they are open. Scott will look into the details.
Going to keep working on the same projects over the course of the year.
The Committee discussed the Franklin Square Urban Renewal Plan.