Southwest Partnership
Housing Committee
October 13, 2016

 Chairman’s Welcome
 Introductions –
 Foreclosure Report
 Brochure – Diana
 Update State Grant Requests – Michael
 Update on Housing Development – George
 Old Business
 New Business
Minutes of the meeting:
Jamie kicked off the meeting with introductions. In attendance were:
Michael Seipp (Staff), Jamie Pitts (Chair), Dominique Clark(Home Free
USA), Nancy McCormick (Mt Clare), Jerrit Horst (UMMC), Lou Packet,
Suzanne Welsh (CPDC), Robert Meyer (Hollins), Lou Packet (Fr SQ),
George Kleb (Bon Secours), Jean Owens, Ruth Sye, Ernest Sye, Emmanuel
Gumjobi (Home Free USA), YaYa (Fr SQ), Dorothy Talbert (Hollins),
Diana Geist (Barre Circle) .
Foreclosure Report – Guests did not arrive. Jamie gave a brief overview.
United Workers brought to the Committee the information that Freddie
MAC foreclosures were sold to Oak Tree. The issue is that the agreement
between Freddie MAC and Oak Tree does not effectively protect the
homeowners and give the homeowners the opportunity to remain in their
property. There is a national strategy being formed to lobby HUD, FANNIE,

Freddie, etal to ensure that when mortgages are bundled and sold is done in
such a way that the homeowner is given the opportunity to restructure the
mortgage if at all possible.
Diana passed out a copy of the draft brochure that would be used to
distribute to the landlords, homeowners and tenants. Discussion ensued
about whether there should be one or three booklets. It was suggested that
we simply use the BNI tenant rights booklet and distribute their booklet
throughout the community.
Jamie asked everyone to email recommendations to Diana prior to the
November meeting so that we can use the November meeting to complete
the decision making process.
Dottie Page volunteered to go to BNI and ask about their booklets.
Jean Owens presented her concerns about two vacant houses in the
Poppleton neighborhood and regaled the Committee with several stories.
Jamie reminded the Committee that in December we will have a new Mayor
and new Councilman and we should consider inviting them to a future
meeting to discuss our goals and objectives for the coming year.
Rochelle came in with a birthday cake to celebrate Jamie’s 34 th birthday.
Delicious cake and a wonderfully surprised look on the Chairman’s face.
Well done Rochelle.
Jean Owens raised the issue about students knocking on the doors claiming
they are students.
George gave the update on the Lease to Purchase program. The State has not
announced any grants for Community Legacy and BRNI. The best case will
be October 17 th .The worst case will be November 15 th . CORE funds will be
announced in early December.
George gave a timeline on the development.
The question was asked about quality of the construction. George explained
the process. He also discussed MBE/WBE requirements on the contract.

Jean Owens told another story about demolition and new construction.
Old Business – Dominque gave an update on the W Fayette Street Project.
La Cite issue was raised it was moved and approved that Michael would
send a letter to HUD, State DHCD and City DHCD requesting information
on La Cite and the October 31 st deadline for a firm commitment letter from
HUD on mortgage insurance.
New Business – Jamie brought up information concerning the use of the
drug to stop an OD from opiate use.