Southwest Partnership

Historic Preservation Committee Minutes

Monday, October 17 2016

918 Lemmon St




Michael Mellett

Jane Mayrer

Schlonte McGee

Betsey Waters

Dan Morrison

Scott Kashnow

Daniel Rodenburg

Andy Rubin


Franklin Square Mural

There is an important mural to the Franklin Square community located at the corner of Fulton and Mulberry Streets that is on a house that the city has condemned. The mural is of residents of Franklin Square who are important to the neighborhood’s history. The Franklin Square Community Association would like to save the mural, but they have not had much support from the Housing Department, which reports that the house, and others along the block, are causing leaks into neighboring houses. Scott has talked to neighbors who have not reported leaks. It is unknown how best to save the mural and whether the saving the house would be required to save the mural, but the neighborhood association is committed to saving the mural.


The Committee voted to support the Franklin Square community association in working to preserve the mural. Michael suggested writing a letter in support, which Scott will write.


Oral History Project

The first event will be held November 12th from 1-3pm at St Luke’s Church in Franklin Square. Elizabeth will start making flyers to distribute throughout the neighborhood.


Dan Morrison: Wendy’s donated scanners, and he purchased small laptops which can connect to the internet and to the SWP printer, so scanning technology is set. We do need voice recorders. Dan can bring a digital one, and Jane and Betsey have casette recorders. The SWP interns will be able to borrow some from the School of Social Work.


We will need to have a form to collect story information as well as connect individual stories with pictures.


We will need volunteers: up to 4 to handle scanning, 4-5 to facilitate table conversations, and folks to help guide participants and sign them in.

Dan M suggested having people who are interested in attending call in to register for a time to improve flow.


Jane suggested having questions prepared for the facilitators–Andy volunteered to help write questions. Michael, Jane, and Dan R are willing to help facilitate.


The flow of the event was discussed: participants will enter, be greeted and registered, referred to scanning if needed, and then assigned to a circle of five chairs. Once a circle is filled the facilitator will begin the conversation.


Jane and Elizabeth will coordinate providing light refreshments, and all Committee members are needed to invite participants.


1001 W Baltimore St

There owner of the building on the lot petitioned CHAP for approval to demolish it. CHAP gave their approval pending a review of the landscape design for the lot with the Hollins Roundhouse Neighborhood Association. HRNA does not need to approve the designs. Although it seems likely that the building will be demolished, the Committee learned a lot of valuable information and shared it widely.


Dan R emphasized the importance of identifying buildings that are historic but in poor physical shape so that they can be saved. The Committee agreed that the most important thing was finding permanent uses for the buildings.


Sign Project Updates

The Barre Circle narrative has been shared for review–Michael and Elizabeth will follow up. A connection is needed in Pigtown to review their draft–Andy suggested Nick Rudolph.