Southwest Partnership

Housing Committee

October 8, 2015




  • Franklin Square and Mt Clare Housing Developments
    • Update


  • Rent Near Your Work –Update


  • Bon Secour Health System Live Near Your Work – Update


  • Frequency of Meetings


  • New Business




In attendance were: James Pitts, Chair, Michael Seipp, staff, George Kleb, Bin Secours, Diana Geis, Barre Circle, Ann Ames and Nancy McCormick, Mt Clare, Robert Myers, Hollins Roundhouse.


The Chair opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.


Staff provided an update on the proposed housing development for Franklin Square and Mt Clare.


  • Tax Credit syndicators encouraged SWP to consider merging the two developments into one in order to lower overhead costs and create savings for the project.


  • Five Developers have been identified as possible partners:
    • Greater Baltimore AHC
    • Enterprise Homes
    • Homes for America
    • Telesis Corporation
    • Unity Properties (Bon Secour Housing)
  • Property Ownership has been established
  • Meeting with City of Baltimore scheduled to discuss transfer of City owner properties
  • Initial design team asked to submit proposal for design fees


Committee discussed the need to continue to meet monthly. It was unanimous that we should continue monthly meetings.


Jamie suggested that at the November meeting he would discuss further the concept of a community land trust.


George Kleb provided an update on the Bon Secour Live near your work program. The Benefits have been expanded to provide up to 25,000 dollars in a grant if a Bon Secour employee purchased a home within one mile of the hospital. Discussion ensued. It was decided that SWP needed to assist Bon Secours in better marketing housing opportunities in the SWP communities. George was to come back with ideas for how SWP might be able to assist.


There was no new business.


Meeting was adjourned slightly after 9:00PM.


Submitted: Michael Seipp