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Patty Hogan

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Diana Geis

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Goal Setting for 2021


Meetings with neighborhood leadership

Donnell has been meeting with neighborhood leaders to identify needs–has a small list from Poppleton including missing trees, trimming trees, street lights that are out, clean ups, similar responses from Mount Clare, including sidewalks that are in need of repair. 


Donnell’s goal this year is to introduce projects from the seven neighborhoods to take on as a Committee. He is asking members of the Committee to take on the two projects that interest them most and work on getting them done.


Donnell will send out the list of projects out to the Committee in the next week or two so folks can identify the areas that are of interest to them. He encourages collaboration and working together on getting projects done.


There is a recycling dumpster at Steuart Hill–have asked for additional dumpsters but no response yet. Have spoken to Gallery Church about their recycling program in which they pick up trash and bring it to the dumpsters. In order to expand the program they need 2-3 volunteers from each community to bring to the dumpster. There is also potentially a cost issue for a bigger truck. Elizabeth will send the contact information to the Committee for Gallery for potential volunteers and folks in need of recycling pick up.


Committee indicators and metrics

Elizabeth shared the goal evaluation tool developed last year and reviewed the indicators and metrics developed through the collaborative community process


2021 Projects and Committee Member Assignments

Committee will wait until Donnell has met with all of the neighborhood leaders to determine committee projects for 2021.



Jack Sullivan: has spoken with Bif about getting students involved in preparing a street tree planting guide with methods–especially in keeping the tree alive and ensuring its survival. Community engagement is a major component of keeping trees alive, as is having a diversity of trees that community members can take pride and ownership in. 


Patty asked about wrapping lights around trees–Jack, most dangerous is taking them up and down. Trees do need darkness.

Diana asked about best types of trees? Depends on situation

Jack discussed best practices for planting street trees–hope is to share best practices as part of the guidelines. A lot of best practices depend on the particular situation, and ensuring that the tree is planted correctly. Scott suggested the class talk to the Canton Canopy group. Scott asked about planting trees where there’s a lot of vacancy–Jack suggested doing a tree master plan to identify those opportunities. Dotie talked about the need for tree trimming in Poppleton.


Curtis: Added the RSVP form in the chat. https://orms.gle/HiQS2kcJ3Vx2i8eLA. SWP is focusing on the 1000-1600 blocks of W Baltimore St and is organizing a design charette to bring together stakeholders along the W Baltimore St corridor for design and branding. Kick off will be December 12th from 10am-12:30pm. Focusing on brand identity–will collaboratively develop a brand identity and develop designs for a brand image that will be used to market the corridor. The goal is to be as inclusive as possible–the project as a whole will take 4-6 months. Will lead to street scaping efforts which will more directly impact the Vibrant Streets Committee.


Lord Baltimore Theater: there are plywood boards on the front that need to be replaced, and the whole front facade needs to be replaced. SWP is raising money to preserve and enhance the front. Options are a vinyl installation mural, with hopefully real windows installed. Mural would show future possible uses of the space; a mural installation on boards; or a plastic banner. The banner is the cheapest, the mural would be the most expensive. Are currently raising funds for the project and are interested in getting proposals from possible artists. Scott suggested talking to the Downtown Partnership. Scott suggested that painting the plywood. The Committee felt that the cheaper, more weatherizing options would be preferable. 


Cookie tour, Union Square and Hollins Roundhouse tree lighting are coming. Donnell has met with someone who is interested in securing funding for wayfind signs.