Public Safety Committee

Southwest Partnership

November 25, 2020





  1. Bill Joyner, BPD Equity Officer
  2. Officer Wilson, BPD (Southern Command)
  3. Stacey Johnson, BPD
  4. Jane Mayrer (St. Lukes Church)
  5. Shannon Sullivan, BPD
  6. Howard Hughes (Hollins)
  7. Laura Dykes (Hollins)
  8. Ricky (1000 W Lombard St Liquor)
  9. Tony Scott, SWP
  10. JR Lee, Chair



  • Consent Decree Presentation
  • BPD updates – Officer Wilson
    • Down in every major category of crime, except homicide in our district
    • Issues with juveniles without structure of school 
    • Consent Decree Policies:
      • Loitering – can’t move people from corners unless they are impeding pedestrian traffic
      • Other quality of life nuisances such as drug use in alleys or people dumping in your backyard are not always police issues; some issues are a matter of knowing exactly what to expect from which city agency? 
        • Community policing plan could address this → microplans even more tailored with priorities, goals, and approaches
      • Police responsiveness: you call 911→ operator (is fire dept not BPD) → dispatcher → officer on the street — between dispatch and officer on street there is on average a 7-minute lag time
      • Core goal: protect civil rights
  • Community safety updates
    • Camera pilot update – Tony gave update for Thomas
      • looking at $600-1,000 per location
    • Police response survey – Tony and Bill gave update
      • 2 months pilot
      • the more entries the better
      • if you include contact we can do follow up; otherwise doing monthly updates

Old Business

  • Alley Gates – Tony/JR
  • Lighting Survey – Tony

New Business

  • West Baltimore Street Branding Charrette – Saturday, December 12th 
  • JR makes motion to end the meeting; all in favor.