Betsey Waters

Kim Sheridan

Dan Rodenburg

Jane Mayrer

Elizabeth Weber

Littlepages Purchase Update

SWP Board took a vote to purchase the Littlepages store and one of the warehouses, so when they are ready to sell the community will have input on the purchaser. Currently working on a variety of sale contracts for each building. Will rent the buildings back and keep store open until the inventory runs out (probably until the end of 2019).

CHAP Updates

1525 W Baltimore St rear collapsed, there was not appropriate permits for the work. Has compromised the adjacent buildings. CHAP is concerned because the unpermitted work was not flagged by the Housing Dept.

Architectural Review groups are in Baltimore are in discussion about working together to advocate for the enforcement of regulations on historic preservation. Dan will keep the Committee updated.

1 N Carey

Letter has been submitted to the city stating that the SWP is not in support of the developer and the current plans.

Report on proposal for attorney

The SWP board has voted to support the proposal to retain a community development/real estate lawyer. The money for this still needs to be raised. The Committee discussed ideas.

1420 W Baltimore Court Update

The property owners have been in court for about a year, the judge has been deciding in favor of the owner (as opposed to the city) allowing the owner to retain the property which has been vacant and neglected. Scott is planning on attending the next hearing to speak. Scott will send around the details of the next hearing and will ask the Committee to testify. Committee will put together speaking points.

Sign Project

The Committee reviewed the proposed language for the Franklin Square neighborhood sign. Preferred to keep in detail about the work working class residents did. Elizabeth will send the edited language to the Committee for feedback.

The sign will be installed in Franklin Square Park—the Committee discussed various placement options. Definitely would like it at the edge of the park.

The Committee has received a grant for $2000 for the sign and needs to raise the remainder (approximately $900). Franklin Square Neighborhood Association has given $250. Betsey suggested applying for a BNHA mini-grant. Dan suggested putting together a donation box at the Annual Meeting. Kimberly proposed auctioning off paintings.

-Scott and Dan will get additional quotes for signs

-Committee discussed having a fundraiser for the sign

-Scott and Suz will connect with Curtis on social media posts

Update on Mt Clare Museum House

The B&O Museum is no longer going to manage the Museum House for the Colonial Dames. The Colonial Dames are going to manage the project themselves. The City has the artifacts and would like to put them on display in the neighborhood. (The artifacts are especially relevant to the history of the enslaved people who lived on the plantation).  Scott would like the Committee to be more involved in the display of the artifacts. Mt Clare House would like to be part of a group of small house museums working together.

Elizabeth will get with Scott to work on the details.


Elizabeth will send links to the Committee with the homework for their feedback: text of a historic walking tour as well as oral histories collected over the summer.


Committee will elect a chair at the December meeting