Khandra Sears

Ivan Leshinsky

Richard Parker

Bif Browning

Elizabeth Weber

B&O Update

Caryn has met with the Associated Builders and Contractors and the B&O around a skilled job training program in SW Baltimore


Lou Packett has scheduled a meeting with the B&O leadership on November 15th at 2pm. Workforce may be on the agenda. Elizabeth will send a reminder with the time to the committee to see if they are interested


Community Resource Fair Further Planning

Bon Secours has expressed interest in being a lead partner, still need to meet to see what collaboration would look like


Workforce Roundtable was leery of having employers at the event as they were concerned that attendees would not be ready to employers and that would lead to challenged relationships


The Committee discussed the pros and cons of having employment opportunities at the resource fair. Talked about employers vs employment opportunities. Could have Rachel or another MOED Career Navigator there


Ivan suggested an Information Center with checklist at registration of services


Figure out a way to do follow up with attendees and build it into the event


Ivan meeting with the Abell Foundation tomorrow–going to be interested in metrics around attendance, expungements, and follow up

Sign up committee members


Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School would be an ideal location


Should invite the community colleges


For the next meeting:

-meet with Bon Secours and determine their interest and level and involvement

-Continue to explore funding options

-EW and Richard meet to talk about logistics

-EW reach out to Workforce Roundtable to determine date in terms of recruitment

-Look into BCF grant



December will be elections