Commercial Development Committee

Southwest Partnership

November 27, 2018



  • Troy Wilson, Chair
  • Tony Scott, SWP
  • Raven Thompson, BDC
  • Bif Browning
  • Jane Buccheri
  • William (Bill) Freeman
  • Marissa McDonald
  • Dan Rodenburg
  • Frieda Ulman
  • Kenneth Watson
  • Lou Packett




Welcome and Introductions


Approval of October Minutes – Approved with spelling correction; Bill first, Jane second.


Project updates:

  • Façade grant:
    • 1233 and 1235 W Baltimore owners backed out of facade program due to concerns over increased property tax and work occurring during winter weather. Moving forward with 1237-1241 W Baltimore (Katz).
  • Littlepages: contract signed following purchase and leaseback agreement explained at last meeting. Lining up financing through Baltimore Community Lending.
  • Lord Baltimore: awaiting Maryland Historic Trust review and approval for scope of work. Expecting two quotes for stabilization.
  • 1500 W Baltimore St: no updates; 1518 developers (SID) working to find tenants and build out space. Potential for SWP offices to relocate there.


Poe Homes Planning Grant

  • Potential business owners interested in the Neighborhood Taskforce – Tony mentioned lack of business community representation on Neighborhood taskforce and other taskforces. Asked for help identifying interested businesses owners, who could make an 18 month commitment to attend monthly meetings.
  • Question asked on whether Poe Homes will be torn down–That will be discussed on the Housing Taskforce and ultimately decided by the Steering Committee.


Discussion of Committee Elections

  • No Commercial Committee meeting in December. Elections for committee will be at January 22nd meeting


New Business

  • CHAP Hearing for 1 N. Carey on Tuesday, December 11th @ 417 E Fayette, 8th floor at 1pm.


Old Business

  • Jane asked will updates from Anchors at Board meetings start? — Tony: B&O was the first to start at the last meeting and will rotate at each meeting moving forward. I’ll request that we communicate who the next presenter is in advance of the Board meetings to give people time to prepare questions.




Adjourned: Jane first, Bill second.