Greg Hunt

Ellen Levy

Zoe Cumberland

Elizabeth Weber

Eric Clay

Rachel Goodrich

Jacquetta Graham

Workforce Program Calendar

Elizabeth passed out a blank calendar. Regularly updated calendar is something that Rachel is working–please share with her information.


Anchor Institution Referral Form

Rachel shared the new form and asked if there was any feedback on the referral form–it should be easy to access.


Zoe asked what the turnaround time is for available positions–if someone’s interested in one position is there a chance that the position could be taken down before they are accepted into the referral program. Rachel suggested that apply first and then refer, and they will stay in the program. Having a deadline of a Friday or a Monday will help ensure that the client will be pre-screened by the next Wednesday, the fastest turnaround time. Also the medical center has a lot of the same positions.


Ellen asked if other programs got feedback from employers? Not usually, can’t do a lot legally, sometimes hospitality employers are very open to providing feedback.


Employment Connection Center Updates

Have expanded office space, have a lot more big recruitment events. Greg will send a list of employers. Do need to register at MOED, but will share widely. Would like three forms of ID, but at least one is ok. Have training program funding specifically for south baltimore residents–21230, 21225, a little of 21223 21201 and 21202. If someone is transient or experiencing homelessness they will have to show that they live in south Baltimore–Greg will get clarity on the details.



CFUF–spoke to the workforce development center at BWI who are consistently hiring for a lot of positions through Anne Arundel Office of Employment Development. Open Works will be doing an industrial sewing program.


Bon Secours–currently recruiting for a CNA/GNA class, finding it difficult to find folks who can pass the TABE and so having refresher courses. Registration is on Mondays and have to be 18-24 and in West Baltimore. Also working with UMMC on a Patient Care Tech program. Will send out more details on the program. Have some flexibility. Is going to start in January, have 10 slots, registration will start in December.


Have a partnership with BrightView Assisted Living Facility–have a direct referral from Community Works to BrightView–send folks who might be interested to Eric/Community Works.


Looking to hire for the valet training program–need to have a driving license. The training is six months and is paid. There is also paid landscaper trainee positions available. Details are pointed on the Bon Secours Health Systems website.


Kaiser Permanente is supporting CNA/GNA programs at Bon Secours.


January 17th next expungement workshop, and looking at March for a healthcare career fair.