Southwest Partnership

Workforce Committee

November 2017



Ellen Craven

Elizabeth Weber

Gabe Auteri

Rick Vallance

Khandra Sears


Outreach Updates

Ruth has called the folks on her contact list and has not gotten any responses of interest.

Khandra contacted the folks on her contact list and hasn’t gotten any response and hasn’t gotten a response.


Rachel has invited her case load via her regular updates, but will probably have more responses when they meet in person, which depends on when she is scheduled to meet with them.


Workforce Roundtable Table: Elizabeth presented to the Roundtable, and will follow up with them with more detailed information as that has been a little bit of an issue with communication.


Ellen: is it worth going to events like this to recruit community members at these events? Elizabeth will check with Rachel on whether that would be a good fit for the committee and event.


Other ways to engage community members? Gabe will go to community members,

Ellen: are there successful strategies to recruiting a community advisory board?

Rick suggested inviting business folks to attend the meetings.


Elizabeth will follow up with Mr Peters at Vivien T Thomas. Can we have assembly at Excel and Vivien T–can go to them. Put together a presentation for the upper classes. Have workforce providers talk, have someone talk about the SWP, have representatives from the youth programs who are currently recruiting who can talk. Elizabeth will reach out to the Roundtable to see who might be interested and available (NPower, YearUp) and the schools.


Can do social media. Elizabeth will follow up with Tabitha. Elizabeth will reach out to Dwayne at Clay Pots to see if he knows anyone who is interested.


Announcements and Other Updates

Rick: UPS is hiring part time seasonally currently. Rick will email the flyer to Elizabeth and she will share with the Workforce Roundtable and the Committee as a whole. Fed-Ex is also in the process of hiring for seasonal work and he will share that information as well. November 8th hiring event through the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development.


Rick currently working on another job fair for Montgomery Park, and will keep us updated–the target date is April 5th.


Elizabeth will introduce Rick to Davi at the Employment Connection Center.