Southwest Partnership

Historic Preservation Committee Meeting

November 22 2016

1138 Hollins St 2nd Floor


Jane Mayrer

Scott Kashnow

Michael Mellett

Bif Browning

Dan Morrison


Project Updates

Sign Project

The Committee reviewed the process from DOT for installing the signs. It will make the most sense to work with DOT on installing the signs once funding for the signs is in hand.


Parks and Rec may have less heavy insurance requirements than the Department of Transportation. Franklin and Union Square Parks could potentially work, and there are parks in Hollins Roundhouse that could work. Bif will reach out to Parks and Rec to see what the process would be for installing a sign in a park.

The sign project was not funded under the Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative (BRNI). This grant cycle is yearly and the SWP is one of the organizations eligible to apply.


Scott saw a sign in front of Davidge Hall that said Maryland Historical Society had erected the historical sign there. They may have funding. Michael: Maryland Historical Trust has signs on state property, but he doesn’t know about the Historical Society.


Scott suggested that the neighborhood fundraise initially and then use it to apply for other funding sources. If the neighborhood associations are actively fundraising they can also apply for BCF and other small grants. The signs will be installed one at a time and there will be community events around the installation.


Maryland Historical Trust may also help us get a good price on the signs.


Bif suggested that Wilkens Ave in Mount Clare may be state property and so Maryland Historic Trust may be able to install a sign there.


The Committee discussed the National Road.


Elizabeth will reach out to Maryland Historical Society. Committee members will reach out to their neighborhood associations.


Southwest Stories

The Committee discussed using Southwest vs SoWeBo. Jane suggested using Southwest Partnership: Neighborhood Name History.


The Committee felt very pleased with how the event went. St Luke’s would be a great location for the next event, as community members are excited and identified folks who were interested.


Dan Morrison reported that the scanning process went well. He suggested one group discussion at a time and private rooms for individual conversations.


Jane has a history of St Luke’s church that she will share.


The best month for the next event will be in February because of the annual meeting. They discussed locations for the next event around Hollins Market.


Location suggestions: Mobtown ballroom, Hamilton Bank, Pigtown Main Street Office, Toolbank, Southwest Baltimore Charter School. Clay Pots would also be a good location, as would the Irish Railroad Workers Museum, and potentially the Mencken House. For eastern Poppleton the Community Engagement Center would be a good location.


There are people in mind who would be able to tell stories at an event in Hollins Market. The event would be an important recruitment tool to get folks in Pigtown involved.


Date and location for next event: Irish Railroad Workers Museum (January 14 2:30-4:30 pm).

St Luke’s (March 11th or 18th). Suggested theme was school, church, community, shopping.

Michael suggested a number of Museum associates who would be good for the event.


Building Stabilization

Franklin Square Mural: Community Association is working with a developer and the current owner to preserve the building.


1401-1403 W Baltimore St  Housing is in conversation with the owner, but there needs to be a use for the building.


1110 Hollins St: bricks came off in the high winds and hit a community member in the head and broke her dog’s legs. The community is looking into fundraising for the family, but also is putting pressure on the Housing Department for an inspection.


1518 W Baltimore St- SWP will try to acquire the building and dispose of it with a developer. There has been a lot interest in the building.


Bif: community member has asked for stabilization assistance for two buildings on Carey and Pratt. Need to be specific saying what they want done. The Committee discussed saving bricks and other building materials from falling buildings. Bif would like the Historic Preservation Committee to make a recommendation that all demolition be done by deconstruction. (The neighborhoods would need to be notified first). The Committee agreed unanimously to send a letter once the community leaders were notified.


The Committee discussed the 1960s and 1970s club front changes.


For building stabilization need to keep an spreadsheet of buildings in need of stabilization as reported to the Committee. Send addresses to Elizabeth and she’ll make a spreadsheet.


Committee elections: in January at the regularly scheduled Committee meeting.