Southwest Partnership

Education and Workforce Development Committee

Thursday, November 3rd 2016

1138 Hollins St 2nd floor 7:30pm




Lisa Rawlings

Emily Ames-Messinger

Vernell Lewis

Dotie Page

Edith Gilliard Canty

Lou Packett

Elizabeth Weber

Schlonte McGee

Wanda Young

Julie Rivera


November 19th Tour of Arlington Elementary/Middle School


An ongoing goal of the Committee is to have every school be a community school. This year we are working on building a base of support for community schools through the neighborhoods. We had a very successful tour of Arlington Elementary/Middle Schools, a four year old, successful community school, and are going back on November 19th for a larger tour. The time has not been finalized, but we are going back to see their foodbank which is one of their major tools for parent engagement. Lou, Emily, Vernell, Edith, Dotie all definitely want to go (Schlonte maybe). Will send an invitation to previous meeting attendees as well as the relevant neighborhood associations.


We are moving forward with Steuart Hill because they are ready, and are meeting with the Family League as soon as possible to get funding for Steuart Hill.


Franklin Square has previously met with the Family League and said that they aren’t interested in being a community school because they previously had a bad experience, but we’re still working with them and hope that the experiences of other schools will change their minds.


James McHenry Uniform Program Donations

The school received very substantial gifts to build the program and purchase a washer and dryer program for the program and would like to install the appliances as soon as possible. They are also excited about the increase in opportunities for meaningful parent engagement that the program would provide.


The anonymous donations came from staff at the University of Medical Center. James McHenry will set a date for a thank you event and then we can provide support in the planning and implementation of an event. It will be important and exciting to announce that the donors are UMMC staff.


Small Grants Fund of Schools

We need to start fundraising for the fund. There is a sponsorship packet for anyone who is interested in funding this type of effort in the schools. It is an easy application and there’s not a lot of restrictions on the money. It’s used for projects that are more than teachers can afford, but are too small for larger funders.


There was a cap of $500 per application and two applications per school.


Lisa: suggestions for fundraising?

Dotie- can share it with her daughter who’s a DELTA as well as other fraternities.

Lou suggested having a system of matching funds.

Wanda suggested companies that have matching donation programs for their employees.

What would help outreach? Elizabeth will send an electronic copy to Lou and Ms Edith as well as anyone who is interested.

Emily: students who were volunteering in the schools could also be potential sources of donors. Elizabeth will connect with the other schools about their volunteers.

Lou and Dotie will work with Elizabeth on fundraising.


Meet and Greet with City Schools CEO

November 16th at 6:30pm at Vivien T Thomas Medical Arts Academy. There will be dinner served, and then there will be a short presentation from Dr. Santelises and time for questions and answers afterwards. The Committee would like George Hopkins, the pastor for Gallery Church, to introduce Dr Santelises. Elizabeth will let the event organizers know.


Emily had a question about transportation–many of the families at James McHenry might be more likely to attend if transportation was available. We can carpool, and Lou suggested approaching churches that have liability insurance for their buses. Elizabeth will follow up with Edith and Lou on contact information for the churches and contact the farthest schools to see if transportation will be an issue. Emily will share the contact information for Vintage Gardens. Wilkens Ave Mennonite Church could be a source of transportation.


New Education Items

Wanda is with KAKs Kids which is a Early Learning ChildCare and Special Events Center which is in Pigtown. Wanda is going to visit all the neighborhood associations, and then is planning an open house. The SWP will support the open house. Wanda will follow up with Elizabeth on setting a date. They are holding a sleepover for children ages 2-8.



Workforce: The Community Engagement Center’s Workforce Wednesday has had 6 people hired by UMB/BioPark company/UMMC. Only 60% of the people at Workforce Wednesday are from the neighborhood. Wanda is also interviewing for positions at the Child Care Center.


In January there will elections for a new Committee Chair. Lisa would like there to be a new Committee Chair. Think about people who might be interested and bring them to the next meeting.