Southwest Partnership

Historic Preservation Committee Minutes

Friday, November 18th

6:00 PM


1145 Hollins St




Carisa Bowman

Bif Browning

Josh Harris

Scott Kashnow

JB Kenney

Peggy Liu

Michael Mellett

Dotie Page

Daniel Rodenburg



  1. Tours Update. Michael Mellett reviewed the tours he gave to to incoming students at the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work. The students crossed the neighborhoods, beginning at the BioPark and ranging from Sarah Ann St to the area around the Irish Railroad Workers Museum before they had lunch. The Committee would like to continue to have tours as well as the informal neighborhood history walks.


  1. Wayfinding Signs at Hollins House. Citizen’s Planning and Housing Association would like to purchase the signs in January, although they may not be installed for a while. At the last meeting the Committee decided that they were interested in a low, metal sign with historic character. The Committee would still like this kind of sign and discussed what should be on the sign including the Market, Baltimore St, Sarah Ann St, and Pigtown. The Committee decided to focus on cultural/historical destinations rather than only economic ones.


  1. Committee Mission and Focus. As the old Preservation and Promotion Committee is now the Historic Preservation Committee it is especially important for them Committee to have a brief statement describing its vision/charge. After much discussion the Committee decided on the following statement: the role of the Southwest Partnership Historic Preservation Committee is to identify, preserve, protect, and promote historical aspects to ensure continuity as we develop the Southwest Partnership Area neighborhoods.


  1. Committee Goals: At the previous Southwest Partnership Board Meeting each Committee was asked to develop up to three achievable and measurable goals for 2016. The goals decided upon were:
  1. To develop and place cultural and historical signage in the community. This process will involve identifying important sites and collecting neighborhood histories to discover where important sites and to gather information and stories about them.
  2. To develop a list of historic buildings in the Southwest Partnership area, to make recommendations about what needs to be done to preserve them, and to seek out resources for preservation and development where needed. The Committee will need to establish criteria for having buildings on the list, as well as a way of prioritizing the buildings/projects.

The Committee also discussed restoring historic infrastructure such as the original National Road on Baltimore St.