Sylvia Poore

Kristine Balasz

Richard Parker

Lisa Rawlings

Elizabeth Weber

Bif Browning

Khandra Sears


Richard proposes that during the Covid-19 epidemic the Committee focus on advocacy to address the systemic issues that are negatively impacting the economic health of community members. The pandemic has made these issues especially clear, and advocacy is work that the Committee can engage in through the pandemic.


Richard sent out a proposal for the Workforce Committee’s work moving forward. It outlines areas of focus from the Economic Policy Institute (JOTF also uses JOTF Economic Policy Institute)

-policy that supports good jobs

-eliminating disparities rooted in gender and racial biases

-making investments in world class childcare


Richard would like a vote to move forward with workforce advocacy, and would like the Committee to read the proposal by the weekend and select areas of focus. Richard will do the leg work on identifying areas for advocacy, and will be meeting with JOTF (Job Opportunities Task Force, which is a leader on workforce policy work in the city).


Lisa proposed adding an explicitly anti-racist element to the adovacy work.


The committee voted to focus on advocacy moving forward, and will send Richard areas of focus over the weekend


Southwest Works Update

OWIF grant is expiring at the end of May, are going to be able to continue to fund Southwest Works. We have organized one of the first remote Peer Recovery Counselor Trainings in the state which started this Tuesday. 15 participants are going through the training.