Public Safety Committee

Southwest Partnership

May 27, 2020



  • JR Jones, Daniel Rodenberg, Patty Hogan, Bif Browning, Laura Dykes, Nicole Orr, Shani Quintana, Keith Robinson, Thomas Hams, JR Lee, Tony Scott, Catherine Neely, Howard Hughes

Approval of April minutes – motion by Dan, JR second

Old Business

  • Lighting survey: asking Neighborhood Design Center for proposal
  • Alley Gates: Focusing on installing BGE & Fire Dept lockboxes/keys 

New Business

  • Neighborhood Crime Spike & Response
    • Hollins & Carey
      • Spike in crime not adhering to social distancing  – Hollins & Carey St in particular
        • Corporal Jones JR–Have you tried talking to Major? 
      • People breaking in with shopping carts and using them to cart off items
      • Hollins & Carey fencing it in? – no issue from Union Square Association or Hollins Roundhouse. 
        • No trespassing sign?  as long as Warhorse willing to go to Court
        • Thomas makes motion that Union Square and Hollins Roundhouse Associations send letters to Warhorse that they put up fence around 1228 Hollins Street within certain timeframe – Patty second
          • All in favor: Howard, Patty, Bif, Officer Jones, Nicole, Thomas, Shani, Laura
          • Abstain: Daniel
    • Schroeder St Liquors still pretty “hot” 
    • Getting robbed for dogs 
    • Warhorse gating of carport that endangers car owners, also a drug free for all – Howard
    • Any way to get more houses to get more cameras. any funding? – Nicole