Housing Committee

Southwest Partnership

May 14th, 2020




  • Attendees: Heather Kangas, Nancy McCormick, Leila, Gerardo, Amanda DeStefano, Edith Gilliard, Khandra Sears, Steven Whalen, Laura Dykes, Nicole Orr, Dotie Paige, Jon Law, Keith Robinson, Tony Scott               


Review of April Minutes

  • Diana, Nancy seconded


Presentation: Baltimore Fair Development Roundtable

  • Created to encourage transparent development in Baltimore City
  • Expanded to include homelessness
  • Your perception of Baltimore City’s response regarding those who are experiencing homelessness or housing insecure? 
  • Covid-19 emergency response roundtable created around homelesseness (shelters to “non-congregate spaces”)
    • The homeless can’t stay home
  • Q&A
    • $13million in Community Development Block Grant money is slated for a Eviction prevention program
    • Voucher program for current homeless to get them to vouchers
    • How many homeless have died in Baltimore? No clear data collection is available. 
    • Town Hall Next Tuesday at 6:30pm: https://www.facebook.com/events/902652003539695/
    • amanda@unitedworkers.org
    • Mutual aid and know your rights training
    • Is there a noticeable issue with youth homelessness? Not clear, but youth are often doubled up with friends or shelters. 
  • What can we do?
    • Share info. on public call to actions to Mayor
    • Call public officials to support the homeless
    • Support work of solidarity hotline


Old Business

  • Poe Homes Planning – The City and La Cite have agreed to cede some property within its Land Disposition Agreement to support a lower density housing plan for Poe Homes
  • Homeownership Zones – No new updates from last month
  • Tax Sale Program – No new 2019 tax sale updates. Comptroller still not assigning. City is request SWP list for the 2020 October Bulk Sale. Tony will be sending out emails for both those interested in redeeming their properties and those interested in placing tax sale certificates into the October bulk sale


New Business – N/A


Adjournment: Diana first and Nancy seconded the motion.