Scott Kashnow

Dan Rodenburg

Jane Mayrer

Walter Gallas

Elizabeth Weber

Betsey Waters

CHAP Updates

1126 W Baltimore St: on the CHAP agenda last Tuesday–met design guidelines so was on consent agenda. On the north side of W Baltimore St between Carrolton and Carlton. Will be extending the first floor 60 feet on the rear and above there will be two residential units on the second and third floors. Project is not in permits yet because the owners are looking for a contractor–was passed through CHAP.


1119-1121 W Baltimore St: came before the commission with a demolition application from the city–commission approved the buildings for demolition. Demolition was planned for end of June 2020, no permits or updates due to the virus. Department of Housing looking into what the status is.


1525 W Baltimore St: city agreed that if CHAP approved plans work could resume, CHAP provided concept approval and architect never provided real plans. City is bringing 1521, 1525, 1527, 1529 into court for receivership. Court isn’t taking cases until June. 


Inspections: inspector that Walter primarily worked with resigned recently. CHAP is concerned about the consistency of the inspections. 


1521 and 1523 Frederick Ave: plans presented for rehabilitation of the properties–storefront, residential, deck in the rear

1611-1615 W Baltimore St (old Telephone Exchange building) Walter issued a permit for interior demolition and moving slowly on removing a large tree that is growing out of the building.


Demolition requested for property across the street  by the city which is privately owned–some questions about what the plan is


1400 W Lombard St–approval to repair the property and install bollards


1135 Hollins St: acquired by Noble Baier via tax sale and is being rebuilt


1320 W Pratt St- concern about window replacement, 1513 W Lombard concern about door surround


Project Updates

Malachi Mills House: research was delayed by the shut down, but ongoing. The acquisition of 1506 is ongoing–it hasn’t been finalized yet.


Lord Baltimore Theater–the consultants are working on designs after very successful community visioning day and will present the designs to the community when completed.


Arabber Stable–waiting for approval for grant from the state Office of the Attorney General for the contract to be issued.


St Luke’s Church: applied for funding for planning