Ellen Levy

Lisa Rawlings

Elizabeth Weber

Zoe Cumberland

Anchor Institution Referral Program Report

Roundtable participants were surveyed about the Community Referral Program. Results were complied and a report was created. Next step will be to get feedback from partners and stakeholders. Will have opportunity to provide feedback until the first Wednesday in June, when the Workforce Committee meets. The Chair will then share the key findings with the SWP Board. The report was put together by two social work interns who did a great job.


Program Expansion to parents of CURE Scholars

UMB wants to include parents of CURE Scholars (middle schoolers at Southwest Baltimore Charter, Green Street Academy, and Franklin Square) in the pool of the eligible referees to the Community Referral Program. Roundtable agreed to expand the program, Lisa abstained.


Community Referral Program Interview Event

Deadline is May 20th

The Roundtable had questions because screening criteria were not included–that is often an issue.


Maryland Workforce Forum

Zoe attended–focused on measuring disparities in human development across Maryland, showed in various statewide contexts, Key disparities were economic, health, criminal justice. If Roland Park were an independent country it would have one of the highest HDI (Human Development Index) in the world. Also had a panel discussion on ways in which disparities could be impacted.


Zoe thought that it would make sense to make a connection to Vehicles for Change for the Roundtable


Community Resource Fair Debrief

Great turnout from partners, less turnout from the surrounding community–challenge was also the location as well as the lack of legal resources. Could be an opportunity to have a shared legal resource clinic. Bon Secours is having an expungement fair in the next couple of weeks.


Roundtable Leadership Development

Could be used as a professional development tool for Roundtable members. If anyone wants experience developing an agenda, facilitating a meeting, working with partners. Would be a good learning opportunity. Send out a sign up for the next couple of months, include topics. Lisa and Elizabeth will set up a follow up.


ABC Report: Changing the Future Building Racial Equity Across Baltimore’s Workforce Ecosystem

Looking for participants on their workgroups which will meet in the fall. Next community of practice is scheduled for July. Bon Secours Community Works is part of the implementation of the action plan. Data collection and how data is analyzed–being sure to include information about retention and career growth.


Lisa is scheduling a meeting with Clair from ABC to talk about ideas for implementing the recommendations


Something the group could do is a technical assistance presentation around disaggregating and sharing data


Bon Secours Community Works Presentation

Tona is the new Director of Workforce Development at Bon Secours Community Works

Bon Secours Hospital has been sold to LifeBridge. It will remain a hospital for a year, and then LifeBridge will make a decision about what to do with it.

LifeBridge is committed to the area and wants to work with Bon Secours Community Works. Logistics are still being worked out


Community Works provides four major services

  • workforce development
    • services for returning citizens, especially for those who are newly released  have resources for housing
      • Essential skills training
      • Job readiness, job placement, training program relationships
    • Healthcare training
      • CNA/GNA
      • Patient Care Technician
    • Clean and Green Program
      • Six month training program, work for Bon Secours for six months
      • 8 spots per year, still have two open spots
      • In 2020 will have 10 spots
    • Agriculture program
      • Farm
      • Direct food distribution
    • Safe Streets
  • Financial Services
    • Provides financial services and education
    • Tax preparation, small business services
    • EarnBenefits
  • Family Support Services
    • GED, ABE
    • Childcare
    • Some job readiness
    • Teen parent support system
  • Women’s Shelter
    • 7am-7pm
    • Food, laundry, showers, computer
  • Computer Classes


Men’s Health Fair June 29th


Block party upcoming–connect Tona with Curtis


Have implemented the TYRO program for their re-entry program–program of self-discovery, grounded in CBT and provides peer to peer support


If you have people for the programs connect with Tona first and he will connect you with the right program lead


Ways to support people’s self concept would be an important element of the work of the roundtable participants


Services are available city wide (not be zip code), not at capacity anymore, please refer participants