Ivan Leshinsky

Kristine Balasz

Virgina Halley

Richard Parker

Khandra Sears

Elizabeth Weber

  1. Community Resource Fair Planning
    1. Volunteer Roles
      1. Food service
        1. Ms Virginia
      2. Day of flyering
        1. Curtis, Zeus
      3. Resume writing
        1. Khandra, Alisa, Ivan, Kristine will bring sample resume
      4. Registration
        1. Ms Virginia, Richard
          1. Have a sign in sheet
        2. Have name tags for volunteers
        3. Have survey with both multiple choice and then space for answers
          1. Richard will put together a raffle for the surveys
      5. Set up 4pm
        1. Ivan and recovery network
      6. Break down starting at 10pm
    2. Needs
      1. Rectangle folding tables
        1. Ivan will call Jane Buccheri
      2. Balloons/flyers/streamers
        1. Virginia
      3. Ice
        1. Volunteer will do it
      4. Anything else?
  2. Anchor Referral Program Report Review

Committee will review report and discuss at next months meeting