Chris Firehook

Serena Walters

Rich Shores

Daniel Rodenburg

Edith Gilliard

Scott Kashnow

Catherine Neely

Bif Browning

Elizabeth Weber


Code Enforcement Walk (6:30)


Notes from the walk are below:

1300 Hollins – I have requested a building inspection to check for stability. If you can have a buyer qualify with OHAAT or have SWP add this to their list I can call it up for receivership.

1 N. Carey – This receivership is back in court on 6/12/19. Back in March the owners were given 90 days to submit their plans to CHAP. CHAP rejected their plans and we are still waiting on their revised drawings. Shea will push back against giving them more time but since they made their application and put up scaffolding, I think it depends on which judge hears the case.

1107 – 1121 W. Baltimore – To be Demolished, Developers will be in court to defend progress on two of those 1119 & 1121.

1418-22 W. Baltimore ( Ford  bldg.) Back to court in June.

1424 and 1428 Hollins – Shea has requested that these properties be inspected for vacancy.

1500 Block of W. Baltimore – Shea will confirm with Mike and Tony which properties are scheduled for tax sale and then we can discuss receivership on the others.

1508 – 1516 are in Receivership

1523 – 1525 are in Receivership


MLK Improvement Sub-Committee


Bill Marker presented a Boulevards Committee to the Southwest Partnership Board and requested that there be a connection between a Boulevards Committee and the Southwest Partnership, which was assigned as a sub-committee of the Vibrant Streets Committee.


There is some questions about the structure of the sub-committee and the Boulevards Committee would work, and where the ownership should lie.


There are also questions about what the goal is and who the best people should be to be involved in the work


The Committee does want to have the topic of MLK be a part of the Boulevards Committee, and there does need to be coordination between all of the interested in making MLK more usable.


Scott: sees role as motivating the city or a funder to work on designs and building the constituency of stakeholders to advocate for the redesign of the MLK Blvd.


First step should be to talk to DOT about what’s in the works

Then convene a stakeholder group of institutions as well as neighborhood associations


Updates and Announcements

    1. Lighting Survey Reminder


    1. Clean Block Competition


Rich Shores: Barre Circle neighborhood association has a concern about how a grant was awarded to the Barre Circle Garden Club, they were concerned that the grant was awarded to a community member who had not obtained community association approval and had indicated on the application that she had said that she had.


They are concerned that she is moving forward with a plan to do work in the park that does not have a proper plan for maintenance and did not have community support and engagement.


There had been work done in the park that has made the park less usable than it currently has been


Goal is to have a meeting with Donna notifying the residents that the project was going forward and then develop a project that makes sense for the community as a whole.



  1. Lighting Survey due June 13th
    1. 300 block of Payson St has good lighting
  2. Clean Block Competition going well