Minutes – Motion to approve Sgt Jones first, 2nd Laura


  • BPD – not present
  • UMB
    • Discussed Safe Rides shuttle updates
    • Recommended SWP attend Community Relations Council with a group  to ensure voice is heard
      • 3rd Thursday at 7pm 10 Cherry Hill Road, Southern District
    • Get Councilman to attend these meetings —  invite him to the next meeting
  • Neighborhood
    • Lombard liquor: Lombard Liquor is still causing concerns with liquor bottles and parties across from store at the park 
    • Baltimore St
      • Camera update: 
        • installed at schroeder and baltimore
        • could camera be added at schroeder and lombard? 
    • Alley Gates – installation beginning on nine gates
    • Committee Goals Review (Goal 1)
      • Goal 1.1 – neighborhood policing was too difficult to get established long-term → keep
      • Keep Goal 1.5 and 1.6
    • Major Sam Hood for grants for cameras — looking to cross MLK

Old Business

New Business

  • Newly repaved streets due to new gas lines, sign up on Hollins Market for renovation to begin this summer

Adjourn – motion to adjourn Sgt JR, 2nd Laura