Diana Geis, Christine Ingraham, George Kleb, Nancy McCormick, Lou Packett, Heather Kanga, Susan Welch, Leila Kohler-Frueh, Tony Scott, Michael Seipp

Approving Minutes from April 11, 2019 meeting

  • Motion to accept minutes:  Nancy
  • Second: George
  • Approved


LIVE Baltimore trolley tour

  • Tour is Sat., May 11.  Project of having brochures from all communities is in progress; 3 are finished and 2 are at the printer.  2 that might not happen: Union and Hollins.
  • Christina has put together a properties listing.  Note: there are none for Poppleton and/or Mt. Clare that are above $70K.
  • Will plan to print the Live Near Your Work list and attach it.
  • Diana will make copies of Christina’s list.
  • SWP materials will be on all tables.


Updates from SWP/Seipp

  • Receivership program
    • Change in City leadership will mean a slow-down on decisions like pilot programs.
    • June 25 – One House At A Time auction for properties in Franklin Square and Mt. Clare
  • Zoning issues for “Backyard Restaurant”; it was heard and approved by the Planning Commission today, and will now go to City Council (zoning provision for this was introduced in a Council bill).
  • Update on Ford Building –now going to City w/ request to pull permits to make it an office bldg. Will see if that passes.
  • SWP applied for CDBG Section 108 loan from the City, and awaiting to hear back, hopefully announced by August.
  • Tax Sale properties:  have 3 applications thus far; need a total of 30-40 applications.
    • Note:  please check into Fair Housing Laws and how they might apply to advertising for, and otherwise soliciting tax site applications or to any other aspect of the tax site application process.  (Susan)


CORE and BRNI applications

proposals that would impact the housing committee are 6 in total.

  • CORE:
    • Franklin Square and Mt. Clare homeownership: Fund the difference between cost of house to build and sales price (gap) (400K)
    • Habitat Site at Mount and Saratoga Streets: 10 units at 40K each (400K)
    • Mt. Clare – demo of specific blocks in Mt. Clare Master Plan (Vincent, Norris, Bruce, Parrish…)
  • BRNI:
    • Funding for receivership pilot (500K)
    • Tax sale foreclosure loan pool (500K)
    • Mt. Clare Stables/Stricker Street: make it into a decorative corner (250K)
  • Motion to accept proposals presented by staff for CORE and BRNI to be presented to the board for approval.  Motion made by George, and seconded by Heather.


Old business

  • question related to update on La Cite properties.
  • Poe Homes Planning:  in full swing
  • Aging in Place:  report from Jonathan/Diana


New business

  • Mr. Freeman has donated 351 Woodyear Street for use as a community center. Hours will be 10am-3pm, likely starting in Sept. It is open to everybody, lunch will be served, and there will be programs and activities (exercise classes, movies, bingo, etc.) .  Jonathan will plan to write a grant to fund staff, food, activities.


Motion to adjourn

  • Motion—Lou
  • Second—Leila