Dan Rodenburg

Kimberly Sheridan

Edith Gilliard Canty

Kimberly Sheridan

Betsey Waters

Jordan Fleck

Historic Sign Project: First sign will be the Franklin Square sign. Need to finalize language and location. The Committee selected a sign manufacture (Southwell signs)

Ms Edith suggested swapping the order of the paragraphs.

Scott will make a mock-up of the sign with possible ordering of the language to share with the committee.               

 Committee Goal Review

The committee reviewed updated Vision Plan goals as well as funding needs for current projects.

Add sub goal to goal 3: Ensure that public space community assets such as Franklin Square and Union Square Parks and Carroll Park have the infrastructure they need to be usable and productive community spaces (comfort stations, rec center)

Funding priority:

  •       funding for an attorney to represent the SWP in property disputes
  •       funding for marketing and leadership development in terms of oral history and preserving the history and stories of the area
  •       Second floor Hollins Market renovation
  •       Access to Carroll Park from north
  •       Wayfinding to cultural attractions, mapping of the history and culture of the neighborhoods
  •       List of buildings that are priorities:
    • Malachi Mills
    • Ford Building
    • 1 N Carey
    • Lord Baltimore
    • Salvation Army Building
    • Hollins Market
    • 1401-1403 W Baltimore St

State Revitalization Grant Applications

Committee reviewed proposed grant applications and indicated priorities:


  1.       West Baltimore acquisitions
  2.       Malachi Mills
  3.       Receivership Pilot
  4.       Stabilization for homeownership zones
  5.       Mt Clare Demolition
  6.       Tax Sale
  7.       Habitat

(4-7 all tied)


  1.    Hollins Market
  2.    Marquees
  3.    Facades
  4.    Marketing
  5.    Small Grants
  6.    Rec Centers
  7.    Mount Clare Stables
  8.  Tenant Improvements

Project Updates

  • The fountain has been reinstalled in Franklin Square Park
  • 1100 block of W Baltimore St: demolition is imminent
  • 1401 W Baltimore St has been placed in receivership, can be deconstructed
  • 1200 block of Hollins St Warhorse Cities is proposing a new housing development to break ground in 2020. Design has been approved by CHAP. Will be ten town houses
  • Didn’t receive funding for neighborhood sign project
  • Mencken House currently being gutted, will be done in 6-8 months, BNHA will have their offices there
  • 1420 W Baltimore St owner has a plan for renovation that the city has approved
  • Hollins Market- siding and paint will be done by the summer by Warhorse, city will take over the rest of the project
  • SWP is going to talk to congregation, diocese, other stakeholders about the future of the building. SLYC is working on a placemaking plan