Bif Browning, Jane Buccheri, Catherine Neely, Lou Packett, Dan Rodenburg, Frieda Ulman, Kenneth Watson, Nikky Davis, Brent Fuller, Alisa Simmons


Approval of April Minutes

BRNI/CORE Discussion & Ranking

  • The group discussed BRNI/CORE discussions and voted that the rule be, Commercial Committee will only rank the applications that are specific to the Commercial Development Committee.
  • The group ranked the applications

Goals Review

  • The CDC did not have any edits to current goals
  • The CDC voted to add the following new goal: 
    • Study, access, and recommend changes to the zoning code that would support business development and respect neighborhood integrity

Project updates:

  • Façade grant – No updates
  • Littlepages – No updates
  • 1500 W Baltimore St
    • Discussion of the stakeholders meeting.
  • Lord Baltimore
    • Discussion regarding the tour of the Lord Baltimore

New Business

Old Business